Class 12th student reveals his formula for online course business success

Live Webinar: with Shaurya Sinha
Founder - 

Online course creator, social entrepreneur, filmmaker, winner of Pradhan Mantri Bal Shakti Puraskar: President's Award 2020, and an Indian admit to Stanford's class of 2025

Discover how to convert your knowledge, learning, and experience into an online course and make tons of money quickly

What if you could use your existing knowledge, experience and learning and convert it to an online course? What if you could set up your own online business selling courses and be your own boss?

Using Knorish, people as young as class 8th are launching their academies that sell courses and content. With millions across the world, searching for a new skill to learn, the most effective way to share your knowledge with the world is with an online academy. It really is about putting your domain expertise to good use and spreading your knowledge helping others learn a new skill. All you need is the passion to build your own online business and the right platform that will help you do this right.

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about how to start your own online business. Especially with low investment, and something that you can start quickly and make a lot of money from the first month itself.

An online business that sells online courses from your website using your existing knowledge is the answer. Low Cost, online, work from home, zero employees, and no office space needed. All you need is to figure out how to start and what steps to take to start making money.

More than 15000 people have launched their academies that sell courses and content. With millions across the world, searching for a new skill to learn, the most effective way to share your knowledge with the world is with an online academy. And this is your opportunity to learn how anyone can quickly launch their online academy with Knorish and start selling courses.

Learn from Shaurya Sinha, Founder - Sleep Deprived Dreamers Academy how he got started with his online course - Dreamers College Essay Writing Course.

This inspiring live webinar will show you that you too can build an amazingly successful online academy that sells courses.


How to find your niche and convert your knowledge into an online course

Tips on how to get started and launch your first online course

How to build great content for your online course and website and how to create high selling copy

How to identify who is your ideal customer and how to quickly reach out to them and sell your courses

How to create video content that learners love and which equipment to use

Why is storytelling important for building trust and sales?

How to market your courses and academy?

Advice for budding creators and entrepreneurs looking to build their own academies

Get the most high performing tips and tricks that will help you make a high converting online course.

Register now and see for yourself how a college prep student made it to Stanford and transformed his learning from that experience into a huge online course success.

Shaurya Sinha

Founder - Sleep Deprived Dreamers Academy

Shaurya is a young International Student selected at Stanford University for the Class of 2025. Over the last six months, his videos on the college application process have been viewed by over 930,000 people globally. He has personally edited 75+ essays in this application cycle alone and devoted the last few months to crafting the most comprehensive college essay writing course ever, that he launched this late November on Knorish.

Using the experience he gained from his college prep, Shaurya then went on to convert his knowledge to an online course and extended support to other students in honing their college essay writing skills.

In Conversation With

Shaurya Sinha
Founder - Sleep Deprived Dreamers Academy

Rohit George
Content Specialist, Knorish.

What will be discussed in this live webinar?

  • How to discover the right idea or topic for your online course? What kind of research goes into finding a niche? 
  • How to structure an online course selling a very niche product? What kind of content is recommended to be used? 
  • How to price the course right? 
  • Tips to determine the unique selling point (USP) for an online course? 
  • No. of social media platforms recommended being roped in to promote your online course that sells a niche product. 
  • Type of copy and content that should ideally form the course content? 
  • Need for creating video content for the online course that sells a niche product. 
  • The consistency and type of content pattern recommended being posted on your YouTube channel while promoting your online course. 
  • Recommendations for creating a high converting sales page? Advising further if it needs to be short or descriptive? 
  • Tips for creating a great video testimonial. 
  • How does offering discounts/trials/scholarships help for promoting an online course? 
  • How to price your course? 
  • The amount of effort involved in building your course, launching the academy, and post-launch in supporting your customers 
  • Modes of student interaction recommended in an online course 
  • How to drive traffic to sell your online course that sells a niche product? 
  • Advice for budding early online entrepreneurs?

The potential of the eLearning industry is very promising. By 2025, this industry will be worth $325 billion. And this is the best time to jump right in and start your online academy. No office space needed, no employees, just you, your knowledge, and Knorish!

The time to launch an online course could never be better!

Join the live webinar & discover how to replicate that success for your academy selling online courses