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12+ Jaw-Dropping Ways To Get More Traffic & Quality Leads For Your Training Business

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Learn To Turn A Struggling Coaching Business Into A Wild Success with this 90-minutes Masterclass that teaches you to create & sell online courses on Auto-pilot 

90 Minutes


Feb 25, 2022

5:00 p.m.

Most Coaches struggle to scale their buisness online but have no clue Why.

  1. They don’t want cheap or pushy marketing, but nobody talks about how they can do it differently. 

  2. They don't want to waste their hard-earned money on expensive Ads that add to their expenses but never earn them the expected ROIs.

  3. What they want is better clients, fewer refunds, more passive revenue generated, better profit margins - but the reality is otherwise

  • they have no idea about how to do it differently
  • without losing money
  • that there is a possibility to grow their coaching business without ads



Time Tested, Proven & Best Methods For Growing Training Businesses

Friday, 25th Feb | 5:00 p.m.

Master Content Marketing | Build Incredible Landing Pages |
Conduct Webinars | Create & Sell Online Courses

12+ Jaw-Dropping Ways To Get More Traffic & Quality Leads For Your Training Business With NO ADS is a FREE 90-minutes Live Masterclass to help you sell courses better & faster without blowing money on ad spending.

12+ Jaw-Dropping Ways To Get More Traffic & Quality Leads For Your Training Business With NO ADS is a specially designed Masterclass that takes you back to the basics and teaches you how to sell your course without a large social media following, and without pumping money into Facebook or Google ads or the promoted posts. Here're the methods that generate sales through organic means and build a following as you grow- 12 ways to get better at sales, leverage the webinars, content marketing: all packed in this 90-minutes masterclass.

As you break away from short-term results and look at creating long-term buyer's relations, you'll figure out how you can still get better sales without losing grip on your marketing budge

What You'll Learn

  1. Options to sell online courses without using paid ads
    The success of course creators in Knorish proves that even making an 8-figure income is not a big deal, even if you don't invest a single rupee in ads & promotions of your coaching sessions. There are options available. 

  2. Alternates to use marketplaces to sell your online course on a shoestring budget
    Why pay huge commissions, or go on a profit-share model when coaches, experts, trainers & creators can create & sell their coaching or training sessions on auto-pilot from their own websites, course landing pages? 

  3. Influencer Marketing Tips & Principles of Community Building
    Right content marketing & a sincere intent to help address the client's pain points are the keys to building an online community that can be instrumental to promote & sell your online expertise.

  4. Case use study Mini-Course Funnel - with live examples
    Freebies, discounts & incentives in the form of high-value content acts as a building block when you intend to sell your high ticket coaching sessions. We'll show you the live demos where the top coaching programs, universities leverage the power of funnels. 

  5. Steps to set up webinars plus conducting live & recorded workshops
    Webinars & Workshops can be easy to create, optimize & traffic drivers to your course sales site provided you know how to get them right. 

  6. One-step Guide to convert your YouTube channel into an online course
    Yes! we'll show you how you can convert your high-value content spread across the channels to present & package as an online course and make high volume sales to your existing subscribers.

  7. Basics of Affiliate Marketing & Collaborations
    Whether its writing reviews or conducting live webinars on topics relevant to your knowledge & expertise you don't always need to start from scratch to multiply your followers or content.

  8. And much more to learn

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Friday, 25th Feb | 5:00 p.m.

About the Speakers

Kinner N Sacchdev

Co-Founder & CEO At Knorish

Kinner is a digital business creation expert who has led several product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies. He has helped set up education brands from Europe, the UK, the US, and the Middle East. He is the Co-founder and CEO at Knorish. He was also awarded the Business World Young Entrepreneur 2020 (35 under 35 category). Kinner believes that every startup idea has a story and strategy behind its growth.

He has conducted numerous workshops on learning, education, and digital knowledge business creation and growth. His content centers around transforming the next million entrepreneurs enabling them to build, launch and grow their online academies to a six-figure business.
He is an avid fan of technology and the great opportunities it offers for a better tomorrow.

George A. Rohit

 Lead, Content Operations At Knorish

Rohit is a seasoned content & knowledge professional with over 15 years of experience in content management, brand communication, knowledge sharing, copywriting, and business content creation. In his diverse career, he has built significant expertise in content marketing while working with a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, SMBs to Startups enabling their growth proposition based on specific high-value content strategies.

George shares his extensive knowledge in content creation & marketing activities with the first-timers to seasoned creators at Knorish. He is a resourceful, and optimistic content coach by choice for 30,000+ academies at Knorish.

Learn From The Best 

Friday, 25th Feb | 5:00 p.m.

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Sanjeev Kapoor
MasterChef, Founder -Sanjeev Kapoor Academy
50,000 Learners, Ebook & Webinar funnels,
More than 50,000 learners have learnt food business entrepreneurship, improved their culinary skills and immunity with courses offered by the Sanjeev Kapoor Academy
Priyaram Bindiganavile
Co-Founder & Chief Market Strategist -
1 Crore+ Revenue In Course Sales In 4 Months
"Knorish has been a great partner for us & our growth. Without Knorish, we would not have been able to achieve what we have achieved."
Sonal Holland
Founder - Sonal Holland Wine Academy
2,000 Learners, 5 Countries
“I want to thank Knorish because when we thought about taking our courses online, they really came to our rescue. The platform has been flawless.”
Paras Surana
Founder - beAmusician
Earned 50 Lakhs revenue, 5000 Learners, 9 Countries
“The journey so far has been going really great! 5000 students in 9 different countries access our courses today!”

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Knorish Tips
Create Online Courses That Sell
Expert Training
Create High Converting Landing Pages With Ready-To-Use Templates
Sales Funnel Building
5+Funnels To Sell Courses With No Ads
Partnerships & Collaborations
Blogging & Tips To Share Expertise

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Friday, 25th Feb | 5:00 p.m.

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