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Guerrilla Marketing
{Innovative Content} Strategies TO SELL ONLINE COURSES CONFIDENTLY

with Sakthivel Pannerselvam
Guerrilla Marketer | Author | Chief Surprise Ninja

Where the Classic Advertising Doesn’t, Guerrilla Delivers 
11.06.2021 | Friday | 5:00 pm 

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What do you do when the classic marketing strategies for
your online courses fail to deliver?


The ninjas who mean business, original thinking, creativity
Imagination and ingenuity beat out the big-dollar budgets

Does it sound interesting already?

The unconventional marketing tactics deliver incredible results and that too at a low-cost budget.

Where the Classic Advertising Doesn’t, Guerrilla Delivers 
11.06.2021 | Friday | 5:00 pm

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We want our course creators, digital coaching businesses to constantly raise the bar. Thus, this week, we introduce you all to our Guerrilla {Innovative Content} Ninja, Sakthivel Pannerselvam, the seasoned Guerrilla Marketer | Author of Amazon Best Seller  101 - Guerrilla Marketing Ideas: Get Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Techniques From International Brands For Your Business (Guerrilla Marketing for Entrepreneurs)

Loved & Trusted by Thriving 20,000+ Online Businesses & Brands

20,000+ strong thriving course creator community, brands, coaches, teachers & experts are constantly going 7x @Knorish - creating & selling their online courses using powerful sales funnels & automation. They’re applying innovative brand promotion strategies to gain unbelievable results. 

Which is actually great!

Soak It Up. Soak It All Up.

There’s a lot to take in at this 60 minutes Webinar. Dozens of out-of-the-box innovative marketing strategies - that you can practically apply to level up your own digital course businesses in every possible way.

Each strategy aims to equip the killer marketer in you - to be bang on the target - for client acquisition and market reach out. STILL KEEPING THE ADVERTISING COST LOW. 

Where the Classic Advertising Doesn’t, Guerrilla Delivers 
11.06.2021 | Friday | 5:00 pm

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Why we want both the budding & established course creators, brands, start-ups, digital marketers and experts to attend this session?

The guerrilla strategies benefit everyone in their diverse qualities and are not just keen on targeting any specific group. So, this application-based blueprint has an equal appeal and value for both the budding & established digital brands, individuals, start-up entrepreneurs.

Gives you first-hand understanding to gauge where you are stuck to crack new customers & be their most preferred brand?

Check out the mind-blowing yet simple solutions that are driving robust marketing results for the rockstar digital
 coaching brands

 Weigh how far you can stretch for your brand to utilize the magnitude that guerrilla marketing is set to deliver with
 our expert

Most importantly, widen your perspectives to create practical plus creative marketing strategies and attract more       customers  to your course sites

 And much more

Plus, you get an opportunity to learn with the Experts

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