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The Bestselling Author, Influencer, and Yoga Acharya

Ira Trivedi of Yog Love Fame

3 Surefire Ways To Exponentially Increase Your Online Course Sales Right Now - And The Ultimate Strategy To Build High Converting Sales Funnels!

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Thursday | April 22, 2021 | 5 PM

Founder of Yog Love, Ira Trivedi took Yoga to the next level. When most marketers struggle to draw enough leads to their websites, Ira’s quick decision to go online with her live yoga classes really did the trick.

She started by offering free yoga classes and suddenly everyone was practically transported to her site. She slowly grew from conducting one class a day to having six-seven classes a day. There was no looking back.

It’s a matter of interest to discover how she grew along with the customer demand and kept responding to what her students wanted. What’s the secret sauce behind her success that delivers her rocking sales results?

From downward no one to upward boom — influencer and teacher Ira Trivedi will teach you how you too can take your online course business to new heights!

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Thursday | April 22, 2021 | 5 PM

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How She Became a Master of Influence!

  • Which marketing funnel is she using to drive her course sales? 
  • What is her 5-Step Formula for creating her online yoga lessons? 
  • What is her hammer value technique to craft irresistible offers for her courses? 
  • How does she identify her Target Audience and Niche? 
  • How does she implement the Pricing Tactics To Increase Course Sales? 
  • And everything you want to know about Selling your Digital Courses on Autopilot. 
  • And More and More.

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To Learn Yet Another Set of Mind-Blowing marketing strategies and rocking sales funnels techniques.

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  • Increase your marketing influence 
  • Convert more visitors into leads 
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  • And ultimately grow your business!

But How?

Increasing Audience Reach for your Online Course Sales Funnel is the first big thing!
Ira shows you how free courses can help you to introduce your paid courses to the world: A Great Funnel Strategy.

Different businesses tend to opt for various versions of sales funnels, but the ultimate goal remains the same in terms of their marketing agendas.

Similarly, in the case of mini-courses, marketers like Ira swear by its main course promotion angle. So, if you know your traffic sources, it’s a good idea to narrow down 2-3 traffic sources to start with.

Depending upon how you prefer to draw your audience via your chosen channels, it is left to you to decide if you prefer a free blog post, an e-book to get them through into a mini-course option. Free Mini-courses can be used as an effective lead magnet.

Ira started live training courses to encourage more people to become yoga teachers. While her baby Yog Love has been profitable from day 1 because they don’t spend much on marketing and instead have relied on organic growth plus brand collaborations. Ira initially started by offering free yoga classes and gradually has seen a 100% month-on-month growth with repeat customers.

Ira answers the most coveted answer to your question :

The art of 10X your online business: What to do or What not?

Typically, course creators have this one big question among others on the back of their minds: whether to charge for their first-time courses or keep them free?

If you want to educate yourself to use the best marketing tactics offered by experts like Ira, make data-driven smart sales decisions, and stay persistent, expect great results. Here’s your opportunity to participate and master the hack of high-converting sales with Ira.

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Thursday | April 22, 2021 | 5 PM