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3 Untold Hacks To Multiply Your Coaching Business by Creating EBook Funnel 

Hacks that save you money

Get you more traffic & leads 

And deliver stunning results! 

Kinner N.Sacchdev
Co-Founder & CEO At Knorish

99% of coaches get the first step of effective sales funnels wrong. They approach their prospects like a soldier would attack any walled city - with a full-frontal assault. 

Why? Because they try to sell their courses, sessions, workshops on the first go. No wonder, they fail to convert their high-volume ad clicks.

While the most successful coaches, creators follow precise steps to grow their coaching businesses. 

We analyzed 30,000+ of our course creators & outlined the best-kept funnels they created to boost their reach and achieve tremendous results with us. We'll share the secret sauce of their success with you in this Masterclass. 

Ask Us How To Get Started With Your EBook Funnel 


Why do they help to find great paying customers? 

How to create an ebook? 

What are the assets required to build an Ebook


Should you create a Free or Paid Ebook?


What to include in your ebook?

How to Promote Your Ebook Funnel? 

Where to find ready-to-use templates for your Ebook Funnel? 

And many other such pressing questions our experts will answer 


  • Know the difference between creating an Ebook & Ebook Funnel & whether it is recommended to have standalone landing pages for designing this Funnel for your online course? 
  • What are the kinds of templates that translate into high traffic conversions & optimization of your ebook funnel landing page?  
  • How to sync design and content copy of the ebook to be used as downloadable on your landing pages and double the sales by offering great discounts/trial offers? 
  • How to benchmark your ebook funnel in terms of content and design?  
  • How often to tweak your ebook funnel based on conversion results and if you can sell a priced ebook too? 
  •  And many more questions that often cross your mind while creating an ebook funnel for your online course. This Masterclass is designed to answer most of them. Come, join us live
Friday | 4th Feb | 5:00 PM

About The Speaker

A digital business creation expert having led product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Kinner has helped set up education brands from Europe, the UK, the US, and the Middle East.

Friday | 4th Feb | 5:00 PM

Loved & Trusted by 30,000+ academies 

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

Shaurya Sinha
Founder of

Dr. Shamoly Khera
TEDx Speaker,  founder - Speak To Inspire Academy

Friday | 4th Feb | 5:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why create sales ebook funnels?

  • Create market buzz and get people talking about your course
  • Get prospects to sign up for your emailing list
  • Impress your business prospects with your knowledge and expertise
  • Share it as downloadable content on your blogs
  • Offer as a Mini-Course as a bonus with the purchase of your main course 
  • Use as a reliable lead magnet that draws genuinely qualified leads better than other modes 

Can I create an Ebook Funnel at Knorish?

Yes! This Masterclass will show you that too how.

Is this Live Masterclass free?