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81% of “bloggers” never make even $100. An author makes only 8-15 cents on every dollar made on their book. The “average” YouTuber with 5K views per month makes just $15/month.
On the other hand, there are individuals who have cracked their niche, turned their YouTube channel content into online courses or fully taken their coaching business online and reached an impressive turnover worth 1 crore in 4 months.
No wonder big to small size organizations, trained experts, Hollywood stars to novice talented individuals, hobbyists globally are building their online courses and delivering new-age virtual knowledge to their audiences.

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A digital business creation expert having led product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Kinner has helped set up education brands from Europe, UK, the US, and the Middle East. He is also the Co-founder & CEO at Knorish, an online platform that now enables more than 25,000 creators to build courses and scale their businesses all from
one platform.

In just a few months, the team at Knorish and Rohit have helped tens of thousands of academies go live and scale their business sell courses. Using that experience of helping thousands of first-time course creators, we have boiled down the key strategies that have helped creators succeed and sell their online courses. Rohit is a seasoned content & knowledge professional with over 15 years of experience in content management, brand communication, knowledge sharing, copywriting, and business content creation. In this live Masterclass, Rohit will share and explain the fundamentals of building a super-effective automated webinar sales funnel strategy to scale up your online course business.

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