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5X Your Digital
Course Business Sales

with Anmol Garg


It’s Never too Late to Learn

18.06.2021 | Friday | 2.00 pm 

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Having your profitable digital course businesses created and launched @Knorish when you aim to grow double-fold. 
What should the coaches, teachers and experts like you do next? 

Learn how to do 5x sales!

Keep Getting Better at Confidence, Communication & Courage, even if you don’t come from a sales background.

Practice High-Performance Sales Culture Buddy!
Okay… heard it ...But what’s that 🤨?

Equip yourself with 21st-century sales skills, That’s No. 1

What if we told you — you could outsell and create more impact and abundance than all your peers in the industry, niche or expertise— in just a couple of days or less?


Allow us to introduce you to…our this week’s speaker Anmol Garg, Co-founder

Anmol Garg

Sales + Standup + Sports + 52 books a year + Fun + Fitness + Energy

  • Anmol was featured in ‘Top 15 Sales Gurus To Follow’ In 2020
  • He is a computer science engineer by chance but a sales engineer by choice!
  • He consults many SMBs & startups on how they can build a winning sales strategy. He is also an expert digital marketer.
  • Anmol is a popular standup comedian in India with his content largely being around entrepreneurship/sales/marketing. He is the host of a show called 'Business News You Can Misuse'😉


In this live session, get the grip on the 21st Century Sales Training Basics as it is never too late to learn and get better at sales. 

This will show you how Top Earner Course Creators Make 5X More...and How You Can Too Double Your Sales with the Right Training & Automated Sales Funnels

Check out how to flood your “sales pipeline” with highly qualified leads who can and will buy your digital courses

Get tips on building a trust factor with your prospects so you get to know the personas better and customize your
digital courses

First-hand insights into ways to track your prospect’s core problem areas… and a possibility to “solve” through your

digital courses

Create engaging, empathizing and enticing sales strategies to showcase your digital course businesses

And much more

More than 20,000+ thriving digital course businesses @Knorish are growing in revenue and ratings. We strive to raise the bar still higher for our course creators by giving them all it needs to 5X their digital businesses.

This live session pulls back the curtain on the secrets of top performers and presents you with a roadmap to success that can cut years off your digital business’ prosperity curve.

You only need to figure out with Anmol how to pick the sales skills in this 60 minutes live webinar and get ready to use your newly acquired knowledge to 5x your sales performance.

Register and Learn Sales from this week’s expert @Knorish.

It’s Never too Late to Learn

18.06.2021 | Friday | 2:00 p.m.

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We’ve made learning incredibly easy for you.

But That’s Not All… in bonus, you’ll explore the 😉 persuasion triggers that “short circuit” quick sign-ups 

And much, much more…

So, bullet-proof  your sales game and learn to handle

“I’m not interested…”
“I can’t afford it…”
“I want to think it over…”
“It’s too damn expensive…” all sorts of objections— and walk out with the automated closures

This webinar is EXCLUSIVELY free & open for experts, coaches, teachers struggling with hesitations in selling and going 5X.

The time for creating, launching and selling your fully automated live session-enabled digital course is N-O-W NOW! 

18.06.2021 | Friday | 2:00 p.m.

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