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6 Proven Landing Page Design Hacks You Must Know To Sell Courses like Crazy!

  • Hacks that save you money 
  • Get you more traffic leads 
  •  And deliver stunning results!

Guess what?

99% of businesses get the first step of effective sales funnels wrong. They approach their prospects like a soldier would attack any walled city - with a full-frontal assault. They send the prospects to lousy landing pages that suck.

No wonder, they fail miserably to convert their high-volume ad clicks.

Landing page design trends keep evolving. What worked yesterday will not always work tomorrow.

What to do?

Delivering personalized landing page experiences that match visitor intent and in turn maximize your conversions, increase digital advertising ROI, at a decreased acquisition cost is every business’ dream. That’s where we thought of sharing groundbreaking properties of stunningly created highly optimized landing pages complete with Expert Advice: What to do & What to Avoid to benefit our course creators.

As an authority on design, we plan to part with the 6 Most Debated Landing Page Design Strategies that you thought were the best but still not bringing in as much ROI as you expected.

Ask Us Why Your Landing Page Design Sucks

  • Is Short & sweet or Bigger the better for your landing page? 
  • Intro-video or the slider creative: which would look good? 
  • Pop-ups: But where, why and how many of them? 
  • Include Single or Multiple Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons?
  • Chatbots/Testimonials Or Both to be used? 
  • Short Simple Headlines or Conversational Copy for mine page? 
  • Canva or Indesign - which is an easy one for me to use? 
  •  And many other such pressing questions like that will get answered

Thousands of creators on Knorish are already building amazing landing pages. And many are making lakhs each month. We analyzed all of these best-performing academies and discovered their best-kept landing page design secrets for you. Here’s your chance now to boost the reach of your online academy and achieve tremendous results with us.

Learn these amazing hacks to fix your leaky landing pages plus their design

Know the design differences between a home page & a landing page & whether if it is recommended to have standalone landing pages for different kinds of Ads (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) rather than linking to the website?

What are the kinds of templates that translate into high traffic conversions & optimization of your landing page design as the next step?

Whether to create separate landing pages for ads running on different courses plus if it is a good sales practice to have a link back to the website from the landing page?

How to sync design and content copy on your landing pages and double the sales by offering great discounts/trial offers?

How to benchmark your landing page design & is your content important or the design?

How often to tweak your landing page based on conversion results and if you can use your home page as an ad landing page too?

Typography: Which font looks good? Can you use more than one?

And more questions that often cross your mind while creating your landing page. This session is designed to answer most of them.

Come, join us live!

Meet our Speaker

Kinner N. Sacchdev

Co-Founder and CEO at Knorish,

Business World Young Entrepreneur 2020 (35 under 35)

Kinner is a digital business creation maestro having led product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies to global technology companies and large education brands from Europe, UK, US and the Middle East through He is also the brainchild behind Knorish, an online platform that now enables more than 16000 creators to build courses and scale their business all from one platform.

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Gain from 100’s of hours that our Research Team puts into to maxim your business growth. Here’s your golden chance to learn what, hows, and whys of designing an effective landing page for your course.