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How to use YouTube organic marketing strategies to drive course sales

{And build a digital business from anywhere in the world?}

How to  use YouTube videos to build a strong community and drive course sales faster than ever...with ZERO MARKETING DOLLARS!!!

Live Masterclass with: Rohit A George (Content Operations @ Knorish)

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Who needs the 9-5 grind when you can easily work from anywhere?

Since your office can now be practically anywhere & wherever you open your laptop, more and more people are pursuing their dream lifestyle. It is simple that if you have a skill that you want to share and sell profitably online, you have the choice of living or traveling wherever you want. This is called being a ‘digital nomad’ and the power of online courses.

Meet our Speaker
Rohit A George 

Content Operations @ Knorish

Rohit is a seasoned content & knowledge professional with over 15 years of experience in content management, brand communication, knowledge sharing, copywriting, and business content creation. Over the years, he has built significant expertise in content marketing based on his work with a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, SMBs to Startups enabling their growth trajectory based on specific high-value content strategies. He is highly skilled in crafting content marketing initiatives, defining strategy, translating creative strategies into execution, trend analysis, and copy & content writing. In this live Masterclass, Rohit will share and explain the fundamentals of effective content marketing strategies to scale up your online course business.

So, how a college dropout is doing it? What has changed in the marketplace over the years?  

Gone are the days when people believed that they have to be a graduate before they jump into creating a business model. The world is changing really fast and gradually moving into a gig or skill-dominated economy where in the modern marketplace all that matters is your skill-set. Your school or college education can be practically anything.

From day 1, he was clear that if he wanted to travel around the world, he should find himself something to do online, a job that would define his desire.

When you join this webinar, you’ll get: 

Learn what is required to get started on your online journey apart from your skill-set.

Digital Marketing Tips How is “You+Online Course on Laptop=Your Dream Lifestyle” possible?

Marketing Insights Why should you consider taking your business focus online and spend more time doing what you love?

Focussed Approach to determine the value you can offer to the world, and create  the life you want

Growth & Productivity Hacks “Insider-only” Tips to 2x your business goals, productivity and sales growth

Sales Funnels Strategy to run sales funnels for your online course business

Most importantly, you'll also learn some of the time-tested strategies, the right platform for being an online success. When everything above is combined – working and traveling together is easier than you think. So, save your seat and deliver the most value to your clients and make money.

In Conversation With

Rohit A George 
Content Operations @ Knorish

Are you not interested for yourself to scale up your work and personal
life too like his? 

Well, several ways fit into that desire but the first keyword that comes to mind is “ work online”. You need a method that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere and everywhere as long as you have access to a laptop and an internet connection.

The following people should attend this webinar 

  • Who want to work for themselves
  • Interested to call the shots
  • Beginner or savvy internet marketers
  • Ambitious Entrepreneurs who live and breathe to make money online and are ready to work hard 
  • Constant Learners open to grow and expand their skill-set 
  • Coaches, Consultants & Freelancers
  • Online Coaches, Trainers, and Authors
  • Bloggers, vloggers, Online Community Managers

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Here’s the broader agenda of the webinar

  • How is it possible to work practically from anywhere?
  • What is required to become an online entrepreneur or a digital nomad?
  • How to provide customer support in a digital nomad model while you work on a laptop and travel extensively?
  • Would I need a platform to start my online journey? Are there any specific features required in the platform? 
  • How much money or investment is required to get started online? 
  • What is the right stage to create and launch an online course to enjoy the freedom from a 9-to-5 job grind?
  • How to price the online courses to do justice to my expenses?
  • I don’t know much English. Can I create my course in Hindi? Would it sell?
  • Should I make a Facebook Group to sell my digital courses?
  • What is vlog marketing? Which is better - blog or vlog for an online business? 
  • What is the role of e-mail marketing in growing an online business model?
  • Are the paid or organic ads better to drive traffic to the course-site?
  • Why is it important to have a great landing page for your course site?
  • How many nurture emails should be included in the email marketing funnel? 
  • Tips to grow your YouTube channel and following.
  • You+Online Course on Laptop=Your Dream Lifestyle. Explained. 
  • Whether to hire an outer agency or get the content done in-house?
  • Is there any guarantee that the online course you create would be a breakthrough success? How to validate your target audience?
  • What are effective marketing tips to sell your online course?
  • Whether the webinars should be paid or free?

This webinar is for those who want to do their own thing, what they are best at. It shows them the vast opportunities that lie in waiting for them in the vast sea of online streams. As we believe, the journey will always be worth it. With our expertise, we’re here to help in any way we can. There truly is nothing better than your online freedom. 

You+Online Course on Laptop=Your Dream Lifestyle

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