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Accelerate Digital Sales with 4Cs: Courses,Coaching,Content, Consultation With A.K Sarvanan

Friday 7th August 2020 5 PM

Learn how you can use Knorish to offer a host of digital products that customers love to engage with Courses, Coaching, Content, Consultation

Your business is beyond borders and opportunities are endless when it comes to the digital world. So do you want to take your online academy and make it a digital business that generates exponential growth and has thousands of customers?

Go beyond online courses and offer a whole suite of digital products to customers from around the world. Learn how you can unveil the power of this virtual movement and inculcate the 4Cs in your online academy and make it a thriving digital business.

Here's what you'll learn

How to build a successful online business and offer a variety of products and services

Discover how has gone beyond courses and offers much more to its customers

Overcome challenges and roadblocks with different products in the portfolio

Tools and framework you can use to create high value content

Accelerate the growth for your business with tips provided by the expert

Get your questions answered on how your business can take the leap

AK Sarvanan


With over 25 years of experience in leading organisations, Saravanan has facilitated learning and transformation in individuals and organisations. As a certified Yoga coach registered under Government of India he focuses quite well on emotional and physical wellness.

His new venture, is the perfect example of how anyone can create a thriving digital business that offers courses, content and more.

Discover the importance of 4Cs in building a strong and popular online business which enables you to generate exponential sales

We all want to be successful. And that success comes with hard work, motivation and determination. But what you also need is the right guidance that shows how you can expand your online business and how you can offer products and services that are your niche!

Discover much more with our AK Sarvanan, founder who has created his 4Cs and has built a successful digital business. He won’t only talk about success but will even enlighten creators to chalk out their path to success. Grab your front row seats now!

In conversation with

AK Sarvanan


Kinner N Sacchdev

Co-Founder, CEO Knorish.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Creators wishing to give a boost to their course academy
  • Course creators struggling to see success in the form of sales
  • Entrepreneurs looking for an area of diversification within the education sector
  • Enterprises and institutions wishing to begin their digital journey
  • Prospective experts, coaches, trainers, instructors, and professionals looking to begin their digital business

Don’t miss the opportunity to Unravel the secrets behind digital sales and give the push your online business always deserved

Friday 7th August 2020 I 5 PM