How to build awesome landing pages for your online academy

Live Webinar: with Rohit A George
Content Operations  @ Knorish

Let’s Help You Convert More Leads!

The secret to go from 0 to 10000 dollars worth of course sales is a great landing page that help you convert leads faster! 

With Knorish's built-in drag-n-drop page builder, you can build and optimize high performing course landing pages.

A landing page is the core of your business. You can run as many google and Facebook ads but if the landing page’s content doesn’t hook your leads in, then all that effort will go to waste! It will simply translate into losing your money spent on advertising and potential students. Market your beautiful online course smartly instead.

What you need is an awesome landing page that helps your leads learn more about your business and trust it well enough to spend their money and buy your courses.

Learn from the Masters that how with a pro marketer approach you can convert more with simple tweaks to your landing pages.

This live webinar is going to help you cultivate a mindset of a sales rockstar! Yes! It starts with a great landing page created with a single purpose - how to sell more and faster!


Tips to create a highly optimized landing page

Expert Advice: What to do & What to Avoid?

How to Use Knorish drag-n-drop landing page builder?

Marketing Tips & Design Recommendations

This live webinar covers all the essential elements that make up a high converting landing page for your online course.

That means improved sales and better customer experience. Best kept secrets of getting more leads, conversions are about to be revealed.  Enroll now and start creating high-converting landing pages for your course web-site.

Rohit A George 

Content Operations @ Knorish

Rohit is a seasoned Content & Knowledge Professional with over 15 years of experience in content management, brand communication, knowledge sharing, copywriting, and business content creation. Over the years, he has built significant expertise in content marketing based on his work with a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, SMBs to Startups enabling their growth trajectory based on specific high-value content strategies. He is highly skilled in crafting content marketing initiatives, defining strategy, translating creative strategies into execution, trend analysis, and copy & content writing

What will be discussed in this webinar

  • What is the difference between a home page & a landing page?
  • Why is it recommended to have stand alone landing pages for different kinds of Ads (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) rather than linking the campaigns to the website?
  • How an optimized landing page benefits the sales of an online course?
  • Is there any template for designing a high conversion landing page?
  • Should we create separate landing pages for ads running on different courses?
  • Do you recommend having a link back to the website from the landing page?
  • What type of copy and content do you recommend for a great landing page?
  • Can you explain how I can gain more by offering discounts/trials?
  • What is the importance of Call To Action(CTA) buttons on my landing page?
  • What do you mean by A/B Testings of the landing page?
  • Why does having Testimonials and Social Proofs add up to the value proposition of the landing page?
  • Why are there not any navigation links recommended on the optimized landing pages?
  • Is there any strategy to evaluate landing page conversions?
  • Can the Home Page be used as an optimized landing page?

In Conversation With

Rohit A George
Content Operations @ Knorish

Content expert and avid reader

Kinner N Sacchdev
Co-Founder, CEO Knorish.

A technophile and an avid learner.

Learn how to optimize your online course landing page to capture quality leads. Develop the right skills to design, build, and publish a landing page for your online course by using the Knorish Drag-and-Drop Website builder to increase traffic to your course pages.

Join the live webinar & learn How To Design, Build and Publish An Optimised Landing Page For Your Online Course?

Let’s Help You Convert More Leads!