How to build and grow
a successful online business

Live Webinar: 
with Master Chef
 Sanjeev Kapoor
(Chef Extraordinaire, Padma Shri Awardee, Founder - Sanjeev Kapoor Academy)

Do you want to build and launch your own business? What if you could start your own online business? One that is based on your knowledge and experience? 

In the age of internet, opportunities exist today that will allow any professional, coach, consultant or expert to build and launch their own online business. A business that helps you share your knowledge, and teach new skills to learners across
the world. If this is something that excites you then this webinar is for you!

In the webinar “How to build and grow a successful online business”, Chef Extraordinaire, Padma Shri Awardee, Founder & Owner Sanjeev Kapoor Academy will share with you practical advice based on his 30 years of experience of growing super successful businesses ranging from kitchenware to Media. Join this webinar to learn about influence, profitability, business growth, offering excellent customer service, growing your consumer base and most importantly how to get exponential sales. 


How to discover new growth opportunities for your business

The key aspects of online businesses and why launching one now makes sense

Strategies to improvise customer base and offer excellent customer service

How to use technology to rapidly grow your business

How to check if your business is catering to the right target audience?

How to increase your revenue channels beyond the obvious?

What does it take to take your sales to the next level?

What is the Mantra to becoming successful with an online business?

What does it take to really go global with your brand?

How to extend your online business with your physical venture?

If you are looking at starting an online business that has all the possibilities of going big and making lakhs each month, this webinar is for you. No matter what subject or topic you are an expert in, there's an online business opportunity waiting to be grabbed.

Join Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor in the live conversation with Kinner N Sacchdev, Co-Founder, CEO Knorish and see for yourself how creating your own online business can completely change your life!

Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor

Chef Extraordinaire, Padma Shri Awardee, Founder & Owner - Sanjeev
Kapoor Academy

He is a Chef Extraordinaire, Padma Shri Awardee, Founder & Owner Sanjeev Kapoor Academy. Khana Khazana fame to his credit, his cookery show was aired on television non-stop for more than 17 years!, author of many best-selling Cookbooks, National Award winner for ‘Best Chef of the Year 2008’, co-owner of India’s first 24 Hour Food Lifestyle Channel, Entrepreneur… he is success, determination, and hard work at its best.

His fans range from the age group of 6-80, a feat surpassed only by Bollywood personalities. Men, women, children, soon-to-be-married girls, housewives, professionals, mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers!

For a nation that loves to eat and cook, Sanjeev Kapoor is very close to its people’s hearts. Not surprising then that he figured in the Reader’s Digest list of 100 of India’s Most Trusted people. He has been awarded the prestigious Padma Shri Award 2017. His popularity and contribution to Indian cuisine have been recognized by the Government of India too, who conferred on him the National award of “Best Chef of India.”

He is also on the panel of the Ministry of Tourism. He is on the board of Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel along with the brightest names from the culinary world across the global culinary capitals. He divides his time in India and abroad by doing live food events and cooking demonstrations for which he is always in great demand.

What will be discussed in this webinar

  • How can people from all walks of life launch their online business and be successful in doing so?
  • What must be an ideal level of inspiration and motivation for launching an online business? 
  • What should be the long term vision of any online business?
  • How the online courses equally benefit both the businesses and the students in terms of learning and growth?
  • Why has it become necessary for all businesses to go online post-COVID and generally? What dynamics have changed?
  • Strategies for the growth of the business and its offerings? 
  • How an ordinary product can be transformed into an extraordinary customer experience through value addition and following market trends?
  • How to get the first-mover advantage in the online business and reach out to customers fastest?
  • What strategies to use to ensure customers beomce repeat c
  • How to set up your business for success and ensure exponential sales?
  • How to price your offerings in the online business so that it sells well?
  • Why is it important for all the talented and skilled people to share their knowledge online with the world?
  • Learn about the various aspects of a successful business from Launch, growth, scaling, to becoming a household brand

In Conversation With

Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Chef Extraordinaire, Padma Shri Awardee,
Founder & Owner Sanjeev Kapoor Academy

Kinner N Sacchdev

Co-Founder, CEO Knorish.
A technophile and an avid learner.

Join the live conversation with Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Kinner N Sacchdev, Co-Founder, CEO Knorish to learn about how you can create, launch and grow your very own online business

Build an Amazing Online Business!