Co-founder of India’s leading marketing agency reveals why you’re doing Facebook Ads all wrong!

  • Running Ads on Facebook is all you need to do to generate revenue, right? Wrong!
  • Learn the truth about using Facebook Ads the right way, no marketing professional dares to reveal
  • Understand Facebook Funnel marketing & why they are the most important for your Ad strategy

Guest Speaker: Pulkit Dubey Co-founder at PROHED

(No fees, no payments, just pure learning!)

Facebook Advertising is great! Isn’t it?!

We think it’s a blessing! With more than 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook Advertising has become everyone’s automated sales person getting their sales message in front of a gigantic number of people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

How simple has life become now? One can simply pour in a few hundred bucks from one end & out comes 2X, 3X, even 10X the ROI from Facebook advertising,

… & what all is required to start all this?

  • Basic technical knowledge on using the Facebook Business Manager
  • Basic copywriting
  • Basic design skills
  • Basic marketing fundamentals
  • A website to drive traffic from Facebook

& voila! You will get started on your journey towards curating your business into a profitable one by driving traffic using the world’s most advanced marketing system to your website.

But, there’s a catch here..

“People never have a traffic problem, they always have a conversion problem

Driving humongous amounts of traffic to your website is fine, but is that all? No!

Our final aim of using Facebook Ads is conversion & to sell our product/services out to the world for which we were running our Ads for......

However, the 1 common mistake that all of us make is by simply running Conversion Ads

Conversion Ads - An ad that's used to make someone interact with your product/service (for example, by clicking on a text ad or views a video ad) and then take an action that you've defined as valuable to your business, such as an online purchase or a call to your business from a mobile phone

Most of you must be thinking - “Well, yeah! That’s how you do marketing, that’s how you convert & earn!”

But NO!

The real problem that arises here is that you are directly asking the person you went out on the first date with to marry you! That’s not how it works, my friend.

If you keep on continuing with the same type of ads, shouting at people to buy your stuff without realising if they are:

  • Aware about their problem or not
  • Interested in finding a solution or not
  • Considering buying your product/service to solve their solution or not

… you will never be able to move past a certain growth stage & will be constantly stuck at a plateau, shifting from one ad to another, without an increase in your existing ROI 

… you will keep on thinking about changing the color, design, text, or even the TG on your ads but will NEVER BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND that the real issue that is stagnating your growth doesn’t lie there!

While Conversion Ads are great, they are still not the best thing to start off & continue your Facebook Campaigns journey

In order to break away from the plateau, go past the stagnating growth stage - you need to get to the root of the problem, first & understand the fundamental aspect of Facebook Ads & that is Funnel Marketing

The larger market formula - UNDERSTAND THIS FIRST

To understand the essence of Funnel Marketing, you need to understand your market first.

3% - Buying now stage:

This set of customers are the most demanded, most attractive & the ones with the most eyes on. In other words, they are in the ‘buying mode’. For example, if you scroll on Facebook & get a chance to come across an ad that shouts “Best new fashion trends, available for both men & women”, these types of ads are directly targeted at them.

But that is not hard. Why? Because you are offering an extremely hungry person a 3-course meal, who will certainly have a high tendency to buy it from you without reconsidering anything.

17% - Information gathering stage:

This set of customers are the ones who are interested in you/your product/service but are still evaluating the market to nurture their decision & their intent of buying furthermore.

In other words, they are gathering more information about their problem & are looking for the best option.

20% - Aware of the problem stage:

You guessed it! This set of customers are aware of their problem & that’s it! They are not doing anything about it, however, if given a chance - they will certainly tend to look into the matter & find a solution.

60% - Not aware of the problem stage:

...and there comes the BIG 60% segment of customers that are not even aware if they have a problem or not. They are the most ignored segment by majority of the seasoned marketers out there.

You see? The problem is that the majority of the marketers are exclusively focused on the 3% segment, leaving behind the majority of the 97% of their customers untapped!


To reach this 97%, and make them go from ‘Not Interested’ to ‘Shut up & take my money’, you will need to understand them, their desires, dreams, & their biggest fears and then use a sales funnel to make them aware with the help of step-by-step stages. These are uninformed prospects. This means they are not knowledgeable about the subject matter, and there is high uncertainty in their actions, and people don’t buy at this stage.


This doesn’t mean that if they are uncertain, you will just leave them there. Your job is to make them aware about their problem, nurture their intent in choosing the right solution, and making them more inclined towards the consideration of buying your product, AND 1 WAY TO DO THAT IS BY USING FUNNEL MARKETING through Facebook!

To learn how you can achieve all this, we strictly recommend you to
attend this free webinar, which will explain:

How to use funnel marketing through Facebook Ads that will Educate,
Attract, Nurture & finally Get your target audience to buy!

(No fees, no payments, just pure learning!)

Meet the expert!
Pulkit Dubey

Co-founder, PROHED

Pulkit Dubey is a Facebook Blueprint Certified Lead Ads Trainer, Google Ads Certified Advertiser and the co-founder of the most skilled performance marketing team at PROHED.

He has previously worked as a Product Manager with HeadHonchos (An ABC Consultants initiative) where he got an opportunity to assist with the brand repositioning from a Jobs portal to the full-fledged Career Services destination.

He has consulted over 500+ mid and senior-level professionals to strengthen their Personal Branding needs. 

Alongside this, Pulkit has been associated & volunteered for Youth Red Cross Societies, PETA, Various Orphanages & Old Age Homes in Tamil Nadu, MP & Delhi NCR. 

In Conversation With

Pulkit Dubey

Co-founder, PROHED

Rohit A George

Content Specialist, Knorish

Here’s what you will learn about Funnel Marketing with Facebook that will help you with:

  • First stage → Generating awareness: How to use Facebook Ads to lure traffic to your landing page by making your prospects aware of their problem

  • Second stage → Building intent & educating: Learn how to educate your prospects so they know more about how they can solve their problem. Start giving them more options, but learn how to not let them deviate from the end goal!

  • Third stage → Nurturing their intent: Understand how to start nurturing their intent by letting them know how YOU can solve their problem, unlike others - who are just interesting in selling their product/service

  • Fourth stage → Build consideration & get them to take an action: Put your best foot forward & discover how to deliver the best sales pitch by providing them with an irresistible offer, they just won’t be able to refuse!

Learn how to do all of this through Facebook Ads without being a professional, and by simply  following the expert’s step-by-step guide.

With a properly executed Facebook Ads funnel, your business is bound to see excellent

ROI & turn the once one-time customers into life-time loyal brand followers

Now is the time to make Facebook Ads your biggest secret weapon, & not just a resting tool

We’ll see you soon.