[Revealed] Content Creation Secrets That Make Your Course Go Viral

(And how to build one for your next
online course)

Masterclass with: Kinner N Sacchdev (Co-Founder and CEO at Knorish,) Business World Young Entrepreneur 2020 (35 under 35)

Without our knowledge, we all consume content daily.

Those articles that help you sell your course well are what?  ... content.

The video lectures you shoot for your course are what?  ... content.

News stories, Instagram feeds, blog posts, YouTube videos, GIFs, infographics are... all content.

Content makes a large part of our everyday life and it’s hard to avoid. If you’re not creating content already, then you’re behind the curve.

How do I create content - A burning question? 

Out of the chosen top questions that get online creators stuck is what framework I should follow? How do I record content and shoot videos for my course/promo? Where to start from putting together my course? 

How do I quickly churn out a professional thumbnail? What kind of cell-phone do I need to record my videos? How can I repurpose my video & audio content?

...and many more such questions that show how lost they find themselves on this subject

Why a Masterclass in Content Creation?  

You just read that content creators NEED solutions, not just commentary. 

Course creators are busy professionals who may or may not be creative. They don’t have time to waste on inefficient systems or altogether stop producing content in lack of quick-fix tips. That’s why they need to master a time-tested method, roll it out with some tweaks to make it work, then repeat that technique over and over to generate the results they desire out of those. 

Come to think about all the — webinars, autoresponders, live sessions, video shoots you can do rather effectively without any hassles if you are handed over that technique.

That’s why this Masterclass!

We’ve dug deep into our years of experience, close work with many global brands, our expertise & collected our thoughts to put together this robust content creation masterclass to answer all burning questions that content creators may have.

We've also referenced some brilliant examples of content creation across the industry’s best and are sharing all the secrets, steps to create content to remove the guesswork for you and allow you more creative mental space.

So, let’s get to work & benchmark those great hacks! 

Ask the online course creators or entrepreneurs about content creation, the very phrase causes them major concern, and strikes fear into people. Are you too one of them who don’t know how to get started? 

This Masterclass is also for you. Here are a few glimpses of the session:

The #1 Secret of Content Creation

The ultimate purpose of content creation is to help generate revenue. This hardly means that The content loses its essence, purpose and stops aiding learning. The content should focus on providing tremendous value, being incredibly useful, and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in its every form. 

Who is your persona or niche - you defined it yet?

Your persona or niche decides the quality benchmarks for your content. It’s as easy compared to Bollywood vs Hollywood where the industry caters to demand specific subject, cast or production techniques. Have you put in enough time to know who your business's personas are?  Who are they, where are they based and so on?

Tools That You Can Use To Rapidly Build Content For Your Courses Without Burning A Hole In Your Wallet

Ready-to-use content creation tools can help you with content planning, the actual content creation or both. Do you know what Canva or Restream can do for your content? Let’s show you.

 How To Set up Content Creation Culture?

As content is the soul of your online business, it is better that it is represented and led by you and your team by having a super- clarity on how to get this going. So, train yourself well to execute your content creation goals and priorities and pass them on to your team too.

Because everyone has to start somewhere…

Even if you own a smartphone and a laptop, you already have everything you need to start creating your content without getting distracted or confused by multiple options spread around at every step.

So, attend this Masterclass to learn to Ideate, Create or Edit Your Content … and much more! Here is the registration link for you to save your seat:

Learn Instant, Quick, Efficient Content CreationTips

And there’s more... BONUS CONTENT!

  • Examine best sample landing pages for their approach, strategy & design
  • Discuss the different formats of content that produce more consistent results than other content formats
  • Learn to repurpose content pieces so that you write less but package & distribute them well
  • From topics as vast as setting up your home studio to troubleshooting facebook campaign issues to a quick touch-up job creative on Canva or editing a restreaming video, this Masterclass answers all your questions.

What you will gain from this Masterclass?

Devise a smart content creation plan

Gain hands-on content creation hacks

Learn how to create compelling
visual content

Discover the tools needed to create content that don't burn a hole in your wallet

Review and Refine content strategies

Zero in on budget-friendly content production techniques

Kinner N Sacchdev

Co-Founder and CEO at Knorish, Business World Young Entrepreneur 2020 (35 under 35)

Kinner is a digital business creation maestro having led product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies to global technology companies and large education brands from Europe, UK, US and the Middle East through He is also the brainchild behind Knorish, an online platform that now enables more than 15,000 creators to build courses and scale their business all from one platform.

Here are few pressing talking pointers of the Masterclass:

  • What is content creation? Why it scares most course creators?
  • How to benchmark your content collaterals following best industry practices?
  • What are the 6-7 standard content production qualities that most highly successful online businesses follow?
  • How the niche or persona decides the content production quality?
  • Examine various sample landing pages across the best to determine their style of production.
  • How to move from thinking about content creation, to actually go content creating?
  • How the content cross-promotion helps reach more learners, real fast?
  • How to repurpose content material into new formats?
  • Is it super important to have high-quality production to sell better?
  • Why is it important to have high-value content to retain visitors as compared to well-dressed up content?
  • What are the basics of a good quality production?
  • What are the recommended tools that course creators can use for their content creation?
  • How the technology has improved the content production quality?
  • What are the tips to get cost-effective content creation done?
  • Demonstrate the ideal content creation through examining live samples.
  • Live Samples of Content Creation Equipment with cost-estimates
  • Discussion & Notes Exchange with our content experts
  • How to build a robust team on a budget that is focused, efficient, equipped to produce quick pieces of content?
  • What preparations should you make for seamless delivery of the content pre-post content creation stages?
  • How to present the content effectively in post content creation stages?
  • How art direction (AD) helps in improving the presentability of your video content?
  • What are the ideal traits of a great art direction (AD)? Do we need to hire an external agency for Post-video production?
  • Why is it important to have/give a reference to deliver on your content creation goals?
  • Live demonstration for video shoots, post-production stages.
  • And more..

So you see creating content for your online course suddenly becomes exciting once you start peeling back all of the layers that are holding you back

Attending this Masterclass is one small step you take to a big mission. Register and save your seat today. 

Learn Instant, Quick, Efficient Content Creation Tips