Learn To Create Money Spitting " Ready to Sell" Copy For emails and Landing Pages Plus Create Better Content For Your ONline Coaching Programs And Create 6 Figure Dream Incomes For Your Online Courses In 7 Days


Strategies That Work Even For Beginners

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Kinner N.Sacchdev
Co-Founder & CEO At Knorish

Has enabled more than 30,000 coaches, trainers, experts and businesses worldwide to take their expertise online and build 6 Figure businesses selling courses, webinars, memberships and subscript

Alyson Lex
Direct Response Copywriter

High conversion sales copy enabler for Coaches, Experts and Course Creators. Alyson helps coaches make more sales with their landing pages, sales pages and funnels.

Kristian Burn
Conversion Copywriter | Email Strategist

Conversion Copywriter & email strategist for 6 & 7 figure health & wellness companies. Kristian helps digital coaches create data driven copy that makes your readers turn into customers and buy on command!

What you'll learn

How To Create Awesome Content For Your Courses

How To Grow Your Audience, Email List, Create Your Lead Magnets To Drive Traffic 10x Cheaper And Quicker Than You Think

How To Write Better Copy For Your Landing Pages & Emails & Get Maximum Page Visitors To Convert

How to write turn visitors into paying clients with ema

How to upsell high ticket products, services and courses 

And much more.

Who does it work for?

Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, Tutors 

Influencers, Professionals or Domain Experts 

HRs, Enterprises, Digital Markers, Content Creators 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are my learning goals for attending this live webinar?
Growth Hacking your Online Course Sales, Creating Outbound Sales Funnel 

I’m not a coach, expert, or teacher. Can I still attend this webinar?

As long as you want to excel in learning sales & marketing hacks, this webinar is open to all. 

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It’s a standard and mandatory security protocol. Read more at  Why do I need a password to sign up?

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