Create Unbelievably Profitable Online Workshops To Boost Your Coaching Business Under 30-Minutes

Learn how to train the people online

Wednesday | Mar 16 | 5:00 PM

What You'll Learn 

Why Workshops?

How do they help the better audience connect? What should be the goals and objectives behind conducting them? Should you choose to conduct - keep them FREE or paid?

Profitable Topics

How to ensure the marketability of your workshop idea? What tools & research methods should be used? Where to discover groundbreaking topics?

Roadmap Plan

Sample checklists to prepare, tasks to be prioritized and delegated are covered in this session.

Set Up 

Building landing pages, SEO optimization, generating links for promotional ads, integrating marketing tools, retargeting mailers will be taught. 

Content Slides

How many slides? What text to include. Insights on the ideal design, look & feel of the slides.

Feedback Reviews

Pointers to discuss the importance of feedback & customer support after the workshop.