Live Session

Group Coaching Session: Pricing, Pages & Apps

Gain insights to the three important aspects of running an online coaching business: Course Pricing & Offers, Landing Pages & Mobile Apps

90 Minutes

Live Session

 14TH JUN 2022

05:00 PM

What will you learn in this LIVE Knorish Group Coaching Session?

Pricing Courses & Offers

Find the ideal practices for pricing courses & offers. And it’s not based on how long the content is. 

Landing Pages That Work

A website is great, but landing pages help you sell faster. Get deep insights on the best performing landing pages that sell 10X faster

Launching Your Mobile Apps On The Stores

The play stores are getting stricter with apps. Find out the best practices & what it takes to get your apps released on the stores


Got more questions? We will answer them live!

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Rohit A George
Lead Content Operations, Knorish

George is a content creator at Knorish. He's spent the last few years working with Knorish and hosted over 200 webinars, live sessions and multiple accelerator programs to help creators, coaches and trainers host live events, drive sales to their courses and scale their business. 

George has been working in the training and content industry for over a decade. Starting as a coach himself, he honed his skills in content creation working with multiple companies and brands across the marketing spectrum. 

He loves sharing his insights and learning from others which has provided him with the tools to help creatives take their idea and build meaningful digital products. 

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Closed group session only for Knorish Subscribers

Join the live online group coaching session & learn how to capitalize on this digital move and build a successful online course academy!

14th June | Tuesday | 5:00 PM

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Closed group session only for Knorish Subscribers