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How to Crack The Digital Start-Up Business Success Formula? 

Learn from the Story of Knorish, in Conversation with

Krishna Jonnakadla of Maharajas of Scale, Apple’s Top 4 Podcast on Entrepreneurship

Friday | 02 April , 2021 | 4 PM

Start-Up. Scale Up!

Kinner N. Sacchdev 

Co-Founder, CEO at Knorish

Krishna Jonnakadla
Maharajas of Scale

Your First Digital Startup: Stop the 9 To 5 Grind, Start Doing What You Love and Make It Work - But then what after that? How do you build that startup?

A brand new generation of startups is taking the world by storm. Just that there’s one big catch. Ideas and opportunities don’t just materialize out of thin air. It has to be an idea whose time has to be bargained, given the sheer size of the opportunity Plus before tasting success, every start-up has its own set of problems. And when it benchmarks to be the world’s top best the going gets all the more interesting.

“Despite all the challenges,” when you see, “You’re in the race, Hopes are Riding High on You!” Somehow, it sounds great and you feel more charged up than ever. 

This is not alone just a story of a brand, it is the grit and fire in belly statement coming from India’s top Ed Tech SaaS company, Knorish that enables 16000+ online businesses started and launched by individuals such as artists, trainers, coaches, professionals, consultants, experts, celebrities and institutions to build and launch their entire online set up on its platform. 

Every Start-Up Begins Small. Every Person Has Entrepreneur Waiting In Him 

The Next Unicorn’s Entrepreneur might just be sitting anywhere among us. Even more prevalent than you think. Only that entrepreneurialism more often means endless cups of tea at a lopsided table, scrolling through next launch notes, working the investor pitch and setting up strategies. 

The high of accomplishment despite the challenges is what drives start-ups, and the success of those 16000+ academies is what drives people like us at Knorish. Don’t you too want the part of the pitch? Come, hear our story first hand.

Start-Up. Scale Up! Learn How

 Friday | 02 April 2021 | 4 PM

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Here are the 3 game-changing learnings you’re set to achieve from this heart-to-heart chit-chat session where Maharajas of Scale host, Krishna Jonnakadla playfully gets Kinner, the co-founder and CEO of Knorish share the story behind the thumping success of his brain-child plus start-up, Knorish. 

How did it start? What the day in the life of Knorish looks like? How it went from 0 to 50+ strong tech force? His vision & fast track race formula to drive his venture. And so on more.

  1. Understand the time-tested formula you also need to drive your start-up business beyond the startup phase to its next
    scale-up stag.
  2. Discover how to implement your Scale-Up plan for your businesses step-by-step.
  3. Learn how to neutralize or tackle the various start-up challenges you can expect as your transition from StartUps to Scale-Ups.

Maharajas of Scale - Meet the Host, Krishna Jonnakadla

Maharajas of Scale-Podcast is focused on
Indian Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Krishna Jonnakadla, Co-founder of Mango Mobile TV and Flit, this podcast was launched to tell the story of Indian startups that are changing the game.  Everyone involved in it is doing it for the fun that comes from telling these stories. It is a labor of love, as they put it. 

So, Get ready for your shot of motivation, tips and success formulas too from the people who’ve been there done that first hand. Learn from the inspiring success story of Knorish, the brand that is set to transform lives by helping the next MILLION entrepreneurs set up their $0 to $1000 digital businesses. Register and watch it live for yourself.

Start-Up. Scale Up! Learn How

 Friday | 02 April 2021 | 4 PM

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Here’s what you will learn from the session:

  • How a group of friends at Newcastle University UK fell in love with the idea of designing innovative programs and strategies for educational Institutions and started a consulting company from an office at the campus. And laid the foundation of ‘Knorish’? 
  • How this Startup mapped its journey, planned and worked towards the realization of its vision to “Empower 1 million set-ups launch their digital coaching business & be the name to reckon with” in the Tech world? 
  • What have been the Important Milestones in its Startup journey? 
  • What is it doing to stay passionate and driven about by its business idea?
  • Highlights of its Marketing, Budgeting & Sales Funnel driven Business Model.
  • Strategies used by Knorish to grow the business and how entrepreneurs can use them to scale their digital businesses
  • How to use automation and sales funnels to grow your business just like Knorish did with its Saas model?
  • What is the Customer delight strategy adopted by this start-up? And so on...

THIS LIVE WEBINAR IS A MUST ATTEND  FOR Entrepreneurs who have driven their businesses through the start-up phase, have proven the concept, started to make a profit and now are now ready to scale up and achieve growth rates of 50-70% per year.

Attending this Masterclass is one small step you take to a big mission. Register and save your seat today. 

Still Thinking What’s Next for you in this or your start-up? 

Decide if you want to stay small with a monthly check that gives you a modest lifestyle? Or keep growing your start-up business, expanding into new markets and territories, increasing sales and profits and building a business that you can sell in the future? If you want to do the latter, this Webinar is a must for you. 

Start-Up. Scale Up!

Friday | 02 April , 2021 | 4 PM