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How to double traffic & signups on your course landing pages with effective copywriting?

Master the art of writing great copies and content for landing pages that helps you convert more leads into paying customers with Alyson Lex.

Write a copy that wows - converts & helps you upsell! 

Making simple yet strategic changes to your landing page copy is step one that can double or even triple your online course sales.  In this webinar with Alyson Lex, you'll discover what those changes are that have the potential to quickly
& easily step up your course sales.

Meet the Speakers

Alyson Lex

Direct Response Copywriter,
Former Marketing Director Glazer-Kennedy,

Alyson is the former Marketing Director for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle - and her very first sales letter generated nearly $9k in under 3 days to a list of barely over 200 people.

Her copy and marketing strategies are vouched by many & highly in demand in international coaching circuits. Her recent contribution to a campaign generated over $1 MILLION at an international event attended by more than 1,000 people.

And now, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs just like you create copy and marketing that makes sales.

Kinner N. Sacchdev

Co-Founder and CEO @Knorish
Business World Young Entrepreneur 2020 (35 under 35)

A digital business creation expert having led product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, Kinner has helped set up education brands from Europe, UK, the US and the Middle East through He is also the Co-founder & CEO at Knorish, an online platform that now enables more than 21,000 creators to build courses and scale their business all from one platform.

Here’s your chance to uncover how to write a winning copy for your online course page from one of the most trusted and successful copywriting coaches online.


Who Should Attend? 

Check all that apply: “I’m here because …”

  • I really need some expert eyes on my marketing to make sure I’m doing it right
  • I have no idea if my headline is compelling, if my emails are going to get read, or if my offers make sense.
  • I want a better shot at getting a response!

What You’ll Gain?

In this strategy-packed session specially curated for content creators, you'll learn & get to know the right mix of copywriting and marketing to grow your online course business.

⦿ The number one reason why tons of people leave your funnel without making a purchase.
⦿ Why is your information not placed on the most sellable points on your landing page? What are those crucial location    points on your course site?
⦿ 9 credibility essential points of the sales copy that no course-site should be without. How many of those 9 points your      website is missing?
⦿ Few words that should be uppermost in your mind when you write your landing page copy.Find out what those words  should be.

⦿ Words you should stay away from using if you don't want to confuse your visitors.
⦿ How to seek contact details from your visitors for running your email marketing campaigns - effective lead generation tools.

⦿How to upsell your digital courses. Selling items for below $100 takes a different copy strategy to sell bigger ticket items. Learn those strategies and how to implement them.

⦿ What is your course USP and how are you baking it in your copy? Etc.

All this learning could be a useful standard copy checklist for your landing pages. It’s your chance to arm yourself with the copywriting tools that would put you a notch
above the rest.

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  • These strategies are universal and can be used to sell ANYTHING. If you can use a story in your marketing then you can improve your results by using these secrets.
  • Growth Hacking your Online Course Sales, Creating Outbound Sales Funnel
  • 60 minutes
  • The recording will be available at later.
  • As long as you want to excel in learning sales & marketing hacks, this webinar is open to all.
  • It’s a free learning initiative by Knorish
  • Yes! With your effort & practice, expect considerable good results.

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