Email Marketing 101 - 
Grow your business 10 times faster with emails

Are you still running ads to generate leads for your online academy? What if you could generate more leads and sell courses faster for less than half that cost?

Unleash the power of emails to generate 10 times more sales than your business generates right now! 

Webinar: with Mukesh Malik, CEO - GKconsulting

Social media ads are great in generating leads and sales but they are expensive! What if you could get more leads, faster than ever and sell your online courses at less than 50% of the cost!

Discover how to build a strong list of verified email IDs fast, which emails to send that work and when, and how to grow your online academy business 10 times faster with emails.

Join Mukesh Malik, CEO -, as he shares his experience, insights and proven strategies on how you can use email marketing to grow your online academy business super fast!


How to grow a large subscriber base fast,

Best practices for building a strong list of verified emails

Optimize your email list growth to grow your revenue from email.

Learn how to make your email marketing totally data-driven

Avoid common errors that most people make when starting their first campaigns

How to write better emails that your audience wants to open, read and act on

Create mobile friendly emails without the need for a email designer or coding knowledge

Email marketing has proven to get the highest return on investment of any medium. Industry reports even suggest that when done right, on average, email marketing can offer $28 for every $1 you invest.

That is, if you do them right!

Learn from our expert who has helped businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs, has built highly successful startups, and has over 20 years of experience building and growing highly profitable businesses. All with the power of email marketing!


CEO - GKConsulting.inEntrepreneur, investor, co-founder, strategist, business innovation expert

  • Sold a wide variety of products, services and affiliates across India
  • Scaled startup investor interface up to 4,000+ personal (1-on-1) meetings between startups and investors across 14 cities in India
  • Enabled access to digital communities with user base of 500,000 users and counting
  • Created a network of more than 50,000 entrepreneurs
  • More than INR 100 cr worth of distributor loyalty redemption while meeting financial and business audit requirements
  • And much more.

What will be discussed in this webinar

  • The potential of email marketing in India and how can it help you transform your online academy?
  • The least expected returns online businesses can expect and how they still are better than social media ads
  • How anybody can start building their email lists and start selling super fast
  • Tools that one can use for building automated emails based on different customer types
  • How to write better emails that customers actually want to open, read and act on
  • Best practices to avoid spamming your customers and sending emails that show value
  • How to create beautiful mobile first emails with ease without any technical knowledge

In Conversation With

Mukesh Malik
CEO - 

Entrepreneur, investor, 
strategist, business innovation expert

Kinner N Sacchdev
Co-Founder, CEO Knorish.

A technophile
and an avid learner.

By The End Of This Webinar, You Will Learn About

  • Growing a large list of verified emails that you can send emails to
  • Optimizing email list growth and how to make your email marketing totally data-driven
  • Avoid common errors that most people make when starting their first campaigns
  • Writing great email copy and creating mobile friendly emails without an email designer or coding
  • And much more

Learn how to capture thousands of email addresses of potential clients in your domain and make money on demand. Drive traffic to your online academy whenever you want as you want with your very own email list and skyrocket sales.

Join the live online webinar & learn how to get huge success for your academy with Email marketing