From 0 to 100 paying users on your online academy in 7 days!

60 Mins Online Live Zoom Workshop

Discover the key steps to success with the Team @Knorish!

14th May 2020 | 5:00 PM

60 Mins To Success

Sixty minutes are all you need to learn everything you need to take your academy from a hidden project to a raving success. Since the launch of the paid plans in 2018, the team has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, artists, experts, professionals and institutions take their online academies live. During which, the team @Knorish discovered the key steps that every creator takes to ensure their online academy becomes a succesful venture. Based on our learnings, insights and experience of helping other creators who had the same goals, we present to you

The 5 Step Blueprint to go 
from 0 to 100 paying users on your online academy in 7 days! 

After helping hundreds of creators, experts and publishers launch their academies on KNorish and garner massive success, we have created the 5 step launch blueprint that you can use to replicate the success for your academy.

Kinner N Sacchdev
Co-Founder & CEO, Knorish

The brainchild behind the platform, Kinner N Sacchdev is also a technpophile and an avid learner. Since the launch of the platform, using his insights and strategic inputs, more than 500 publishers have been able to garner success in their online ventures in the shortest time. 

Rohit A George
Content Operations, Knorish

Rohit (fondly called George) is a content veteran who has helped brands ranging from fortune 50 companies  to startups craft their messaging across platforms. As a content operations leader, George helps creators craft their story, build a great academy that students love and empowers them to take their academies live .

Join us as we teach you the key steps that you need to take to go from 0 to 100 paying customers in 7 days. 

Hundreds of creators have already launched their academies and tasted success.

70 Signups on the academy in less than 48 hours of launch

250 signups in less than a week’s time

With just a soft launch, sold 10 courses and went viral during their soft launch                                  

Join the live online webinar & learn how you too can
replicate their success for your academy

This is your one true chance to quickly master the steps to a great launch. Learn from our team about what common pitfalls to avoid, best practices to implement, steps you need to take to ensure a great student learning experience and how best to use the platform to ensure a successful online academy.

Discover The 5 Step Launch Blueprint

Every successful academy launch undergoes 5 specific key steps which allows them to not only create buzz about their academy but also get learners excited. Our 5 Step blueprint program will show you how you too can go from 0 to 100 paying customers in less than a week.

Access to the exclusive live Zoom Workshop

Live Q&A with the Team @ Knorish

Discover the 5 step launch blueprint  that will enable you to create a massively successful academy that sells courses and content

Tips and tricks on how to scale your academy fast, technical information, best practices to follow, get answers to commonly asked questions about running your academies, and more

Get specific insights on managing your online academy, content strategies, marketing tips, platform usage tips, automation hacks, and other key learning for your academy

Insights on how to acquire customers faster with key features available with Knorish that enable you to an entire academy as a one person business

Learn Exactly What You Need To Do To Launch A Massively Successful Academy

60 mins is all you need to learn about the 5 key steps you need to take to go from an under production site to a full-fledged online academy ready to start selling and making money.

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14th May 2020 | 5:00 PM

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