From 0 to 8 lakhs in
60 days

with Ms Geeta Malik
Founder & Owner Enrichment Academy
Learn how to build, launch & sell your Online Courses!

Where there is a will, there is a way. If you could just find a way to share your knowledge with the learners across the world and figure out how to make insane amounts of money, you’d be unstoppable.

Here is the live example of the ultimate power of creating and selling online courses. It’s not only that they drive six-figure businesses (which they do) or that they help creators share their passion with the world while earning a handsome passive income but it’s also about how they transform lives.

This live webinar is everything the creators need to know about creating, launching and selling a profitable online course. No matter what topic or subject matter you have to teach, how much experience you have in delivering a successful online course. 

Sounds good? Then let’s get started. 

In the From 0 to 8 lakhs in 60 days with Ms Geeta Malik,Founder & Owner Enrichment Academy, you’ll be able to understand exactly what they are doing to reach this number. And how you can replicate their success. Get the best tips as to what kind of content types -- videos, workbooks, PDFs, and et cetera -- works for reaching your audience or the tips for deciding the course price and the marketing aspect of the academy.

This live webinar helps you with a success formula for your online academy. It sets a benchmark for all the course creators as to how they can replicate Enrichment Academy’s breakthrough success for their online academies. Insights & tips are revealed on making over 8 lakh Rs. profit straight in 3 months through online teaching.


Introduction to marketable opportunities to run a profitable online academy

Hardware/Software/Mental Needed to create an online success story

Indications to validating your course idea. And what are they?

Ideas for putting the course together

Promoting and Marketing online course tips

Making handsome Money with your course secrets

This live webinar would be highly engaging and shall cover all aspects of creating, launching and selling an online course in depth. It is a sincere effort to help our course creators highly succeed. Participation is highly recommended if you are looking to create an online academy or are already running live online courses. It has all the great ideas on how to go from 0 to 8 lakhs in just 2 months.

Join us on the webinar and be part of the online Business Revolution. Generate More Leads & Revenue. It’s a call for online academies to grow.

Learn to Launch & Sell your Profitable Online Courses with us!

Ms Geeta Malik

Founder & Owner Enrichment Academy

Ms Geeta Malik, CEO & Owner Enrichment Academy - which is the Online Platform for Practical Life Skill Courses has touched the lives of 1000+ students with her unique life-skill training programs. When it comes to practical training, or teaching learners the culinary skills, her course is both a visual & vital info treat. The finesse with which she has created the framework or the outline for the content, Enrichment Academy has done really well for itself under her mentorship and has gone almost 8 lakhs in revenue growth 3 months straight down the lane. Her positive values and effort to succeed is empowering lives and an inspiration for our other course creators.

  • 30+ years of cooking experience 
  • Winner of HUL corporate Master Chef competition
  • Designed and developed 5 crucial life skill courses 
  • 10 years of experience in teaching various life skill courses
  • Invited as a judge to many competitions

What will be discussed in this live webinar?

  • How can anybody from any background launch a successful online course and make money? 
  • What is the success mantra to go from 0 to 8 lakhs in a very short time? 
  • How this success mantra can be replicated by other course realtors to benefit from the first-hand experience of the seekers? 
  • Why is an online business a good idea to start with? 
  • With YouTube already acting as a teaching site, is there any scope for creating and running an online course? 
  • Is there any guarantee that the online course you create would be a breakthrough success? 
  • Tips for creating the course content framework 
  • The ideal modes for creating an online course. Whether to hire an outer agency or go in-house? 
  • What are the benefits of running an online business/online course? 
  • How to price your online course? 
  • What are effective marketing tips to sell your online course? 
  • The possible long term goals for any online academy in the near future

In Conversation With

Ms Geeta Malik
Founder & Owner Enrichment Academy

Kinner N Sacchdev
Co-Founder, CEO Knorish.

A technophile and an avid learner.

Check out what to expect from the journey of creating and launching an online course. Expert Tips to grow your online business from 0 to 8 Lakh strong in 60 days.

Join the live webinar with Ms Geeta Malik, Founder - Enrichment Academy which has touched the lives of 1000+ students with its unique life-skill training programs. 

Learn to Launch & Sell your Profitable Online Courses with us!