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Funnel expert who helped digital entrepreneurs generate over $2 million in sales shows how to build funnels for your online course business 

Join Us To Witness A Radical New Sales Strategy Unfold In The Live Webinar With Sashanka Dutta 
$2 Million+ Funnel Building Expert

Friday | May 14th, 2021 | 7:30 PM
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Marketers may lie, but numbers don’t.

So if you’re business is struggling with sales what you need is a time tested selling system that lets you get as many sales as your digital coaching business can possibly handle...

... because to go from a few to $1,000,000 in sales, you will need an automated selling system - a sales funnel - a step-by-step process that enables exponential customer acquisitions. The right mix match placement of a series of landing pages, emails, videos, offers & payment methods, etc.

You see the most successful digital coaching businesses have used the same selling system and scaled their business 10X, 50X even 100X within a short period of time. Some take as less as 90 days to reach these milestones.

And that’s why Sashanka Dutta, Co-founder will share his insights on how he helped digital entrepreneurs close over $2million in sales in 1 year. Because:

  • Buying Traffic ≠ More Sales. Buying Traffic = More Eyeballs 
  • Stop dumping money into different advertising platform that end up making no profits 
  • And discover how build an awesome sales funnel instead that help you scale 10 times faster

Here’s what Sashanka will share with you

The Right Approach To Building A Customized Sales Funnel

Learn from him how he proposes how to build one for your business based on your specific niche.

Power of Great Landing Pages

Landing pages are going to be the power key house to discovering and creating new opportunities. How perfect is yours will define your potential to get a win-win ROI? He will take a deep dive into the approach to teach you the sales page design strategies.

Evergreen Email Marketing

Buying data is simply not enough. Digital Businesses are now getting the strong sense that e-mail marketing stands a great CHANCE. Do you know how to set up and monitor an Email Marketing Campaign? He will talk about the best email marketing practices.

Don’t Waste Any More Time

Why do you even want to do the sales strategies that don’t bring in results in the first place? Watch out how Sashank will show you SMART SALES that caters to millions of people online.

Don’t Throw Your Marketing Dollars Down the Drain

What if everything above can be done at low-cost high profits with a minimal marketing budget. Let him show you the MATH that goes behind it.

+++++ Q&A

Sashank is available to answer your questions in the live webinar. We are bringing him live to you in this live Q&A Webinar.

Join Us to Witness a Radical New Sales Strategy Unfolding

Friday | May 14th, 2021 | 7:30 PM
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Sashanka Dutta

{The Funnel Whisperer Who Has Helped Over 40 Digital Businesses Get Exponential Sales And Has Helped Generate Over $2 Million In Sales}

Sashanka steps in when Digital Entrepreneurs want to bridge the gap between their efforts and client acquisition with his help.

The Funnel Expert has already helped the digital entrepreneurs go from 0 to $2 million+ growth in the past 1 year and is happy to talk about the whole process of funnel hacking in this live session { i.e. the exact one that he follows to build some really really high converting/ money-making/ money spitting funnels}

His funnel-building skill-set is in high demand with digital coaches, personal trainers, social media influencers, and people from all walks of life who are at a Tee point to make a profound impact in their careers or income potentials.

Here’s whom this webinar is designed for

Digital Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Influencers or thought leaders with a solid track record

Are looking to step into the online world or want to improve your funnels

Are willing to do what is right instead of what you THINK is right

know who you’re selling to, what you are selling, and why you’re selling

Are looking for someone who could build some beautiful, high converting funnels

If you are one of the above and are ready to Level up your digital marketing, this is the webinar designed to help you with that. Go save the date!

Friday | May 14th, 2021 | 7:30 PM
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Witness how emerging digital coaching businesses are going to come together to use sales funnels and build $2 million-plus empires

Discover it by joining this special sales funnel building session.

Friday | May 14th, 2021 | 7:30 PM
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