Group Coaching Session

Growing a successful digital coaching business with Knorish

Invite only Open-forum for all Knorish subscribers

Tuesday | 11th May | 2021 | 5:00 PM

Mastering any new platform can take time and understanding, but building a digital highly profitable coaching business is a different ball game altogether

And we will help you achieve both. Get answers to your most pressing questions and insights on how to use the Knorish platform to scale your business.

This is a closed group, invite-only group coaching session for creators building their businesses with Knorish. The session intends to foster conversation, understand strategies, ideate growth plans, discuss how-tos, and ultimately learn how to get the most out of your website built with Knorish.

Why join the session

  • Do you still have questions about how to use Knorish? 
  • Are you struggling with how to get your first sale? 
  • Have you already reached a plateau and are not able to scale further 
  • Do you need inputs on your website design? 
  • Are you thinking about your next strategy?

While our customer success channels are always available to help you with how to use Knorish, this session is specifically created for creators at Knorish to help them understand how to best use the platform, get candid feedback on their strategies, offer candid feedback about the platform to us, or even to just reach out to us and understand what we are about and what’s happening behind the scenes.

In addition, you’re set to gain insights into tips to exponentially grow your online course business, learn hacks to validate your course idea, promoting and marketing tips. So, ultimately you’re in for a really great learning experience.

Tuesday | 11th May | 2021 | 5:00 PM

Meet The Host

Kinner N. Sacchdev

Co-Founder and CEO at Knorish,

Kinner N Sacchdev is the co-founder of Knorish who is on a mission to enable passionate entrepreneurs to build their online knowledge-sharing empires!

Before the lockdown, Knorish had around 500 content creators, a number which has now skyrocketed by over 25x to over 14,000 active users, illustrating how COVID has accelerated the transition of content monetization away from the offline world to online. Under his mentorship, today Knorish has fascinating “success stories”, be it by celebrity chefs, yoga instructors, psychotherapists, and even fishermen, the journey has been fascinating.

During his entrepreneurial journey, he has garnered remarkable expertise in Brand Building, Product Portfolio Diversification, Strategic Marketing & Collaborations, and Project Management. He is passionate about creating and executing innovative ideas at the intersection of different domains of Science and Business and loves the learning curves of new fields, current fields of interest are Web Applications (Architecture, UI, and UX) and Product Design (CAD to Prototype)...

A few ideas for discussions and questions you can ask to achieve the milestones your business deserves

How to grow from zero to thousands of paying customers effortlessly

Improve brand awareness and customer retention through automated learning journeys

Setup sales funnels on your website

Build great mobile responsive websites

Power your digital marketing campaigns to improve conversions and returns on your ad spends

Get the most out of the Knorish platform for scaling your business

Join the live online group coaching session & learn how to capitalize on this digital move and build a successful online course academy

Tuesday | 11th May | 2021 | 5:00 PM