How To Grow Your Coaching Business And Sell Courses Profitably

Discover How Paras Surana, Founder - beAmusician Profitably Sold Courses & Coaching Programs

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How Do You GROW Your Coaching Business PROFITABLY?

Which strategy will work best? Which platform do you promote your courses on? Because ultimately growing a business is the ultimate goal for your business. But Ads are only going to become more expensive as more companies and competition enter the market and compete for the same audience. Plus, over time, as your business and teams grow, the cost of acquiring a customer and retaining one is only going to increase.

So can you sell courses and grow your business with lower costs and higher profits?

Learn from our expert who has not only proved it but also achieved the ultimate goal of building a successful and profitable online coaching business.


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Meet Your Speakers

Paras Surana

Founder - beAmusician

Following his passion for music, Paras launched an online music learning platform where anyone can learn Indian music from celebrity teachers at their convenient place and time. He is a digital marketing expert who has helped scale several digital brands and successfully marketed and hosted several physical and online conferences. He brings his entire experience of digital marketing and events to his business to scale the online coaching academy. Led by his growth strategies, in less than a year, the academy has grown to 5000 students across 9 countries. 

Kinner N Sacchdev

Co-Founder & CEO At Knorish

Kinner is a digital business creation expert who has led several product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies. He has helped set up education brands from Europe, the UK, the US, and the Middle East. He is the Co-founder and CEO at Knorish. He was also awarded the Business World Young Entrepreneur 2020 (35 under 35 category). Kinner believes that every startup idea has a story and strategy behind its growth.

He has conducted numerous workshops on learning, education, and digital knowledge business creation and growth. His content centers around transforming the next million entrepreneurs enabling them to build, launch and grow their online academies to a six-figure business.

He is an avid fan of technology and the great opportunities it offers for a better tomorrow.

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Whether you’re already coaching clients or just thinking about getting started. Business growth is something that every creator struggles with. 

Discover in this masterclass from the expert who has built a significant online coaching business in just a few months with Knorish, Learn how to 

  • Open up your coaching business to faster growth 
  • Discover the exact strategies used by Paras Surana to scale his online coaching academy - beAmusician 
  • Understand how to scale Ads & promotions to get better results at cheaper costs 
  • Build a profitable online coaching business with actionable insights from the experts 
  • Finally, build a no limit earning potential business with the right strategies

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What You'll Learn

How to find your niche and convert your knowledge into an online course

How to market your courses and academy with powerful funnels & start selling courses online?

How to build great content for your online course and website and how to create high selling copy

How to create video content that learners love and which equipment to use

How to promote your story and why is storytelling important for building trust and sales?

Advice for budding creators and entrepreneurs looking to build their own academies

Bonus Content Available With This Masterclass

How To Setup A DIY Home Video Production Studio

Create content with the equipment you already have and get awesome videos created for courses, ads, and social media.

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The Ultimate 4-In-1 Funnels To Grow Your Coaching Business & Course Sales

Discover the most profitable funnels setup by some of the most successful coaches out there and how you can setup those for your business. These are the same funnels used by more than 30,000 coaches, trainers, experts who are now building & growing their online course business with Knorish.

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How To Grow Your Coaching Business And Sell Courses Profitably

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