How to grab online traffic by the neck, drag them to your website and convert - with care

“Whoa, wait! Another webinar?!”

Just like you, we’re tired too. Perhaps, the only things that have risen in the world after COVID-19 cases, are WEBINARS.

Yes, this is not just another ‘webinar’, and before we begin putting a dent in the online traffic universe with you, following are the details of the about to be revealed opportunity for you to learn as much as a seasoned marketer, for FREE (We don’t do this always!)

(All webinar attendees get a free, no-obligation downloadable E-book - “10 powerful ways to drive traffic to your website”)

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Live Webinar: with Dr. Vishwas S Srivastava

A Visionary Edupreneur Management Consultant. Dr. Vishwas is an Educationalist, Author, Techie-Mentor and Philanthropist. He is a marketing aficionado and after years of experience, being mentored by the best in the industry - Dr. Vishwas is here to share his 5X TRAFFIC MASTERY FORMULA with all of us.


(All webinar attendees get a free, no-obligation downloadable E-book -
“10 powerful ways to drive traffic to your website”)

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic!

There’s traffic everywhere around us. Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp & Messenger see more than 3.14 billion users worldwide but what are we doing about it? Hovering from one webinar to another, one online course to another, & listening to the same gibberish that doesn’t add any value to our traffic conversion skills.



  • Understand the difference between the 2 levels of traffic - EXTERNAL INTERNAL, how to effectively lure them from various channels into your funnel
  • Understand the various types of fast result traffic you can leverage to convert into your own internal traffic:
    • Influencer Media Traffic 
    •  24 hour traffic media 
    •  Social media traffic 
    •  Display media traffic 
    •  PPC traffic media


  • Don’t even think of mastering online traffic conversion if you don't have a built list. 
  • Learn how to CONTROL TRAFFIC like a PRO how to NOT WASTE IT.
  • Understand how wasting traffic is useless why every single prospect needs to be retargeted


  • Whether you are pulling traffic from Facebook, Google or Instagram, the FIRST STEP always is to take disinterested wanderers(Cold traffic) from the internet & CONVERT them into the most valuable dream clients of your business 
  • You will not only learn how you can master traffic conversion like a rockstar marketer, but also you can leverage these leads into buying prospects!


  • Learn why copywriting is one of the most important pillars of traffic conversion & how you can write copy that makes your audience stick their eyeballs to your ads

Tribe Building

  • Have you ever come across the Amazon Flywheel strategy? It is arguably one of the best strategies that has made Amazon what it is today. The general idea is that Amazon uses a flywheel which in turn uses customer experience via a community to drive traffic to their business - They have built their own community, & their own customer & buyer system 
  • Tribe building, or developing a community, is a very important concept many amateur marketers tend to ignore, that lays a strong foundation for the future of traffic conversion to your business. 
  • Learn why NOT building a community will prove fatal to your business’s traffic pulling strength in the long run

The 5 Golden Rules Of Traffic Conversion

  1. Never waste a single lead/traffic and Understand why all traffic is not equal 
  2. Discover why you need to design your funnel first & traffic later 
  3. Busting the myth - Learn how & why you need to master one external traffic source, rather than jumping on multiple 
  4. Without monetization - Traffic is useless. Learn why just converting traffic doesn’t do the job 
  5. Every click has to be retargeted. Understand why you need to retarget each and every click, contrary to all popular beliefs about retargeting.

Did you know?

Traffic Conversion can be the Master Key, and you will be the most Valued Person when you know how to implement it (ONLY) with the right set of content strategy, following this formula…

  • Try to solve any one big problem 
  •  Should offer irresistible freemium 
  • Build the list 
  • Sell an affordable solution 
  • Create a customer of life and nurture them in Your Community (Hub)

Register for the webinar to understand how even YOU can achieve this.


(All webinar attendees get a free, no-obligation downloadable E-book - “10 powerful ways to drive traffic to your website”)

In Conversation With

Dr. Vishwas S Srivastava (D. Litt)
A Visionary Edupreneur & Techie-Mentor
Co-Founder & CEO, Topcademi
Founder & CEO, Next Gen Achievers

Kinner N Sacchdev
Co-Founder, CEO at Knorish
A technophile & avid learner

Digital marketing has become the new-age STARTUP, every second human wants one. Don’t get lost in this hustle-bustle. Now is the time to step up from mediocrity & be different & do different.

Now is the time to make digital marketing your biggest secret weapon, & not just a resting tool.
We’ll see you soon.

All webinar attendees get a free, no-obligation downloadable E-book -
“10 powerful ways to drive traffic to your website”