Revealed: Expert hacks to set up & start Facebook ads right to amplify your online course' sales

Live Webinar: with Jaskaran Singh
Growth Lead @ Knorish

Saturday | October 31, 2020 | 5:00 PM

The ever-changing Facebook algorithm will always make it a big challenge for you to connect with your audience organically. Using Facebook Ads to identify your exact target audience and connect with them on a macro-level with micro targeting features from Facebook will help your business grow exponentially.

However, things on Facebook are easier said than done! It's extremely important to understand the various types of Facebook Ads complexities before diving in but,

It often takes quite some skills, time, efforts & a whole lot of other touchpoints to use Facebook Ads to convert cold prospects into paying customers & later into repeating loyal buyers.

In this free webinar, we have brought in all the essential elements needed to be an expert in Facebook Ads, curated by our Performance Marketing Specialist Jaskaran Singh

This live webinar is going to help you cultivate a mindset of a Rockstar marketer! Learn from the expert with a pro marketer approach and convert traffic into paying customers like a lead magnet.  


Discover the various type of Facebook ads & how & when to use which type of an ad for optimal conversions

Forego all your fears of the mighty Facebook business manager page - Understand all the features & tools used on the website.

Facebook Pixel & understand how to implement it in your business

Best practices used in identifying the target audience for maximum growth

Top-of-the-line strategies to optimize your ads & landing pages for the lowest possible CPC

How, when & why time to analyze, optimize & pause/stop/change your Facebook ads

The live webinar covers all the essential elements that are needed to start your performance marketing journey with Facebook ads.

This means improved conversions, better sales and augmented growth for your online business. Best kept secrets of getting more leads, conversions are about to be revealed.

Enroll now and start converting cold traffic into loyal customers through Facebook ads like a lead magnet!

Jaskaran Singh

Growth Lead @ Knorish
Growth Expert, Digital Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur, Business Development Expert

  • Has worked with billion dollar enterprises selling high value products
  • Helped businesses and start-ups grow their revenues, get more subscribers, and run high performing growth campaigns.
  • Managed ad and digital marketing campaigns for e-commerce, education and digital products across companies
  • Co-founded an education technology company, which is a social, collaborative test preparation platform driven by adaptive algorithms
  • Has also led high value digital marketing campaigns that led to fast converting customer acquisitions
  • Is an expert in Customer Acquisition, affiliate marketing, Email Marketing, Display Ads, Web Analytics and User Experience

What will be discussed in this webinar

  • Facebook Business Manager basics: set-up & walkthrough
  • Understanding Facebook Technical Jargon including terms like CPC, Cost Per Result, CTR 
  • Facebook Pixel basics: Usage, set-up & walkthrough
  • Strategy for campaign structure - Identifying your Target Group, defining the budget 
  • Expert Advice: What to do & What to Avoid?
  • How to optimize Ads & Landing pages for high conversions?
  • Expert Marketing Tips & Design Recommendations for Facebook Ads

In Conversation With

Jaskarn Singh

Growth Lead @ Knorish

Abhishek Sinha

Head-Business Development
@ Knorish

Saturday | October 31 - 2020  |  5 : 00 PM

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