Live Masterclass

How to launch your online
academy & get your first course sale in 7 days?

 For All Coaches, Trainers, & Tutors
 Discover the steps on how to build & grow your online academy
60 mins session

Kinner N. Sacchdev
Co-Founder & CEO at Knorish
Business World Young
Entrepreneur 2020 (35 under 35)


Rohit A. George,
Content Operations at Knorish

In the 21st century, almost everything can be taken care of while sitting at home including your career & learning. Hence, in today’s date, every talented person aspires to be a digital coach to earn a decent income and work-life balance.

Let’s answer in this live masterclass for everyone what it takes to be a digital coach & how to sell your brand, online courses, content & events fully automated in 7-days.

Here’s the Masterclass to help you crack the sales code of online courses to attract & retain more learners for your online coaching businesses.

What you will learn?

  • How people at Knorish have gone from 0 to 6 figure sales? Armed with the power of sales funnels, automation & robust integration features there are success stories on Knorish where individuals have closed profitable sales.
  • Niche, Selection of Ideal Audience & Course Ideation how is it done? Check out the standard practices in people, processes & platform categories even before you get started.
  • What can help you to create sales funnels for your coaching business? Traffic footfall on your landing page is only helpful if people either click on the ‘Buy’ button or ‘Share’ their contact details.
  • Networking is your net worth building a community around your online course or reaching out to the potential audience through email marketing is the right now happening thing to learn & watch out for. Learn how to get started.
  • What has automation to do with sales? Sales are about offers, follow-ups & client delight experiences. Learn what are those integration features that can scale up your coaching business.
  • Why and how do you package your brand? Well-branded digital products sell record-breakingly well. Your landing pages complete with sales funnel or live sessions, where learners can register on the spot & pay securely, will definitely leave a lasting impression on the audience.
  • Which ad copies, lead magnets will turn out to be the goldmine? Content is the king. What are the hacks to make your content crisp, value-enriched and more interactive? Let’s put your queries to our experts.
  • And learn much more that includes every aspect of learning in course creation & course marketing.

Meet The Panelists

Kinner N. Sacchdev

Co-Founder and CEO @Knorish
Business World Young Entrepreneur 2020 (35 under 35)

A digital business creation expert having led product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, Kinner has helped set up education brands from Europe, UK, the US and the Middle East through He is also the Co-founder & CEO at Knorish, an online platform that now enables more than 21,000 creators to build courses and scale their business all from one platform.

Rohit A. George

Content Operations at Knorish

Rohit is a seasoned content & knowledge professional with over 15 years of experience in content management, brand communication, knowledge sharing, copywriting, and business content creation. In his diverse career, he has built significant expertise in content marketing while working with a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, SMBs to Startups enabling their growth proposition based on specific high-value content strategies. 

Discover with our experts in digital sales, marketing & content what it takes to get your first paying customer.

Who will benefit?

Getting your first paying customer is the most significant milestone for every new online course creator. Whether it be in leadership, culinary, acting, writing, dating, photography or any domain your online expertise is - This Masterclass is an ideal fit to learn creating & selling your first online course.

For All Coaches, Trainers, & Tutors

Discover the steps on how to build & grow  your online academy

60 mins session

This live session is open to anyone who wants to learn client acquisition & retention strategies to do robust
online course sales.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Sales are subject to many other factors. This is one step in the right direction.
  • 50:50 Instructional Learning + QA Session with the panelists.
  • The recording will be available at later.
  • As long as you want to excel in learning sales & marketing hacks, this webinar is open to all.
  • It doesn’t cost you anything.