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How to Conduct Ridiculously Successful Live Sessions And Webinars With Knorish Using Zoom?

Unlimited Webinars | Live Online Sessions| Multiple Ongoing Sessions

1st Apr 2021 | Thursday | 11 AM

Seeing is Believing. That’s why Live Sessions and Webinars Rock!

As instructors, educators, coaches, experts, or professionals, conducting live sessions are amazing hacks to grow your audience, build a community, promote your brand and share your thought leadership in the industry. They work out equally great for both beginners and seasoned attendees.

Live Sessions get a thumbs up for many outstanding reasons. But in their current form, there’s a catch.

1 solution for landing page +

1 solution to collect payments +

1 solution to send email reminders +

1 solution to share session link +

1 solution to save the recording and resharing +

And so on.

But what if you could do all this and automate the entire logistics in one solution at no additional cost and save thousands of dollars each year?

Grow your audience by giving access to your audience who wouldn’t have otherwise chosen to participate in the announcement, forum, question & answer, training session, or whatever event your business prefers to host.

Bring down training costs though everyone receives the same training and product information at the same time. When an Instructor goes live instead of conducting a physical session, your business saves money.

Increase revenue as the time and money you save allows you to invest more time and resources to growing your brand and promoting your services.

Create better interaction by allowing you more face-to-face time with participants. This way your business gets a chance to humanize itself and connect with your audience. Lets you more effectively communicate your brand’s story and encourages viewers from wherever they’re.

As you embark on your 2021 journey with high hopes of adapting fully to the new normal. Upskilling and online learning are at their all-time high. And calling for you! This live webinar tells you how the top-of-the-list industry demand for an effective and smooth digital shift in 2021 sees the rise of niche online content creators. 

That’s why when we thought of building and offering the best live online session experience, we figured there was no better way than to build it on top of Zoom - the world’s best video app.

Kinner N Sacchdev
Co-founder and CEO at Knorish

The complete automation of session and event logistics from landing pages to beyond...

On top of the familiarity of Zoom’s premium enterprise account features that you get for free with Knorish,

  • At NO ADDED COST, you can also conduct live sessions and webinars with your Knorish account without having to buy an additional Zoom license. 
  • Host online experiences that can be easily monetized and highly scalable to new audiences. 
  • Deliver an engaging meeting experience for up to 500 participants. Conduct Polls, Q&A, screen share, annotations, chat with participants, and much more! 
  • Simplify and increase participation and attendance with inbuilt features such as automated and custom email reminders, calendar notifications, email imports.
  • Grow your revenues by automating payment collection with our in-built payment gateways 
  • Reach a wider audience, communicate company-wide, and simplify your marketing, training, and onboarding sessions through webinars.
  • Offer a better live session experience, better learning engagements, and boost collaboration. 
  • Enable learning for a wider audience with session recordings or Livestream on YouTube or Facebook.
  • And, a lot more.

So, Sign up and check out how this feature works for you. Save the date!

1st Apr 2021 | Thursday | 11 AM

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this demo session:

  • What Zoom live sessions are on Knorish 
  • How to set up or conduct live sessions? 
  • What is the difference between a live session and a webinar? 
  • Who all can set up and conduct live sessions on Knorish
  • How many types of live sessions can be set up on Knorish
  • How is an ongoing live session different from multiple live session formats? 
  • Important Guidelines for setting live sessions. 
  • How to create, edit a landing page for your live session? 
  • Where are the live sessions visible to creators and students? 
  • How to notify participants of any changes or cancellations? 
  •  And more.

Here’s what you get with the feature in Knorish

  • Host unlimited live sessions 
  • Plan and set up single sessions, ongoing or multiple sessions for up to a year all at once
  • Conduct meetings, webinars, or events with Zoom directly from your site 
  • Up to 500 participants per session 
  • Single click go live for hosts and attend button for participants 
  • Automated Pre and post-live session reminder, cancellation and session rescheduled emails 
  • Automated learners' calendar update and reminders 
  • Conduct Polls or Quizzes 
  • Live stream your events beyond your academy to unlimited audiences on Facebook Live, YouTube, and custom streaming services 
  • Unlimited Recordings to upload later in the course
  • And much more…

Here’s more that you get through Knorish Zoom Live Sessions

Aside from the above benefits, live sessions provide a sense of excitement for your learners. The live session itself is inherently about building and engaging your community.

This feature lets you record the session and upload it later on your course site, YouTube or Knowledge Base Library, website or to be used as a social media update.

The audience will be pleased with the richer content they can avail especially if you allow them to interact and submit questions. Which means an open possibility for an international audience to participate.

Don’t just create an event, deliver a delightful experience! Whether it's a webinar, a group training session, discover how you can use Knorish + Zoom to engage your audience and more importantly minimize the logistics! Attend this demo session to learn all about how to create ridiculously successful live sessions on Knorish.

So, Sign up and check out how this feature works for you. Save the date!

1st Apr 2021 | Thursday | 11 AM

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