Digital Coach who scaled from 0 to 7 lakhs in 90 days introduces his no-fail approach to get loyal customers & not just ‘buyers’

with Praful Chatrapati
Founder, Director and Chief Mentor -

There’s a satisfaction in knowing that your online academy is making an accelerating yet steady income, right? But how do you do that?

  • Learn the truth about why the majority online business’s sprint strong as they start but fail to run the long race 
  • Stop running behind numbers & learn how to build an automated sales system for your business that attracts visitors, educates them about your product & makes them want to buy desperately 
  • Finally, understand how to build loyal customers that are repeated buyers, & how to leverage this power to scale your online business
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Stop right there an imagine how would it feel if:

  • Using your set of knowledge, skills or expertise, you build an online academy 
  • People start buying your courses and you start creating new ones 
  • Your business is steadily accelerating & you see a growing base of loyal customers 
  • You finally stop worrying about monthly finances & are able to spend more time with your loved ones

Ughhh! Coming back to reality, these are probably dream metrics for everyone including you & us, but the sad reality is that..

… Majority of the academy owners out there might be following the wrong process to achieve that dream 6-figure mark for their online business

That’s why we want to share this very important piece of information with you. Usually, what most think about the aspects of scaling an online course business is:

  1. You find the course you want to sell online via your online academy 
  2. Then figure out your target audience, and, 
  3. Build your website & content as per their needs, then 
  4. You run Ads on Facebook, drive traffic to your website & they buy!

How simple has life become now? One can simply pour in a few hundred bucks from one end as an investment & out comes 2X, 3X, even 10X the ROI!

… & what all is required to start all this?

  • Knowledge, skills or an expertise to share with the world 
  • Basic copywriting 
  • Basic design skills 
  • Basic marketing fundamentals 
  • A website builder platform such as Knorish to make pages & drive traffic from Facebook 
  • Basic technical knowledge on using the Facebook Business Manager

& voila! You will get started on your journey towards growing a profitable online course business, right? 

 You are absolutely right! 

 But, there’s a catch here..

“Ensuring that an online business grows at a steady pace is not as easy as it seems,
90% of the time, people fail to understand the right set of practices to follow in order to ensure their growth never stops”

Okay, so you have done practically everything that you could to build & launch an online academy, & you’re doing great till now. But this doesn’t last wrong & you start seeing the real picture:

  • You see people buying your courses, however, at irregular intervals 
  • You see a sudden surge of revenue & maybe, sometimes no revenue at all! 
  • Your online business’s growth never seems to be steady, but extremely erratic

The 1 common mistake that all of us make is simply assuming a buyer to be a lifetime loyal customer, but NO, it doesn’t work like that!

When that happens, the real problem that arises is that you are so much focused on getting more and more new buyers for your online course, you hardly shed any energy in converting those ‘1-time buyers’ to ‘Life-time Loyal Customers’

If you keep on continuing with this strategy, your business will never be able to accelerate at a steady pace. More importantly, it will be as impermanent as the 1-time buyers that paid you.

… you will never be able to move past a certain growth stage & will be constantly stuck at a plateau, without an increase in your existing ROI

While finding new buyers for your online business is great, they are still not the best metrics to rely on, if you wish to ensure steady growth for your business & continue your personal brand building journey for as long as you want. 

 In order to break away from the plateau, go past the stagnating growth stage - you need to get to the root of the problem, i.e., understand the fundamental aspect of scaling an online business:

Converting buyers into loyal customers &
building a life-time community that not just buys,
but makes sure it spreads the word

To learn how you can achieve all this, we strictly recommend you to attend this free webinar, which will explain:

The no-fail approach to scale your online business without the need of years of professional expertise

Here’s what you will learn about:

  • Captivating reasons why majority of the academies are never able to scale their online business past a certain level 
  • Learn how to build an automated sales system for your business that attracts visitors, educates them about your product & makes them want to buy desperately 
  • Understand the crucial importance of building a community for your online business 
  • Finally, the no-fail approach to converting your 1-time buyers into life-time customers

Learn how to do all of this, there is no need of being an experienced professional, no additional knowledge or skill requirements. Simply follow the expert’s step-by-step guide

Praful Chatrapati

Founder -

Praful is an award-winning serial entrepreneur with 25 years of rich experience as a professional & Entrepreneur. Being at the helm of affairs at world-renown people's brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, LML, etc. Tapped on the vacuum in the service industry wherein consumers face endless hassles to get any handheld gadget repair and refurbishment solutions. Alongside this, Praful also:

  • Conceived & curated India's first & most unique door-step service solution in the year 2011. Co-founder & the driving force behind SSP Advantage. 
  • Garnered enviable YoY topline of around 150%. 
  • Started another venture with UK Group having a presence in 21 countries. 
  • Being feted by Economic Times with an industry story recently for being the recipient of the highest Series A funding from SIDBI Venture, Govt. of India for the year 2017. 
  •  Awarded as Smart CEO award in 2019 and recognized by IDBI banks as the fastest growing Start-up.

In Conversation With

Praful Chatrapati
Founder –

Kinner N Sacchdev
Co-Founder, CEO at Knorish
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By following the right strategy, your business is bound to see excellent ROI & turn the once one-time customers into life-time loyal brand followers

We’ll see you soon.

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