Ms. Shikha Agnihotri
Founder, Right Side Story (Course Creator@Knorish)

Shares Her Checklist To Build Best Digital Platform (Online Course Sales)

25.06.2021 | Friday | 5:00 pm

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The Speaker's Checklist To Build Best Digital Platform (Online Course Sales)

What is the first question that comes to your mind seeing these three statements?

Do something right and impactful

Share your knowledge

Bring in Change

The Answer Is

Figure out the Right Platform

To Spread the Right Message…

When you go from OFFLINE to ONLINE

25.06.2021 | Friday| 5:00 pm

Find Your Voice & Platform

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Founder, Right Side Story (Course Creator@Knorish)

About Shikha Agnihotri

Our speaker, Shikha Agnihotri is POCSO Torch Bearer | Child Safety Expert | Cofounder @ Right Side Story | WICCI Delhi State President | Woman Entrepreneur.

  • She is the voice of women and child rights and has been contributing to the education sector for nearly a decade and a half now through her research, training and welfare initiatives.

  • With her expertise, she has been entrusted with the esteemed position of President of Delhi Public Safety & Security Council at Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI). 

  • She has taken on herself to bring changes in government policies, laws and incentives to strengthen safety mechanisms for women and children. 

  • A seasoned travel professional, she is also the founder of Young Edsplorer Pvt. Ltd (YEPL, estb.2015), an education consultancy that works in partnership with schools to provide experiential learning programs to their students

  • And much more.

It would not be out of place to say that with her around our children and women are safe. She is committed to enhancing the safety scenario of both in India.

25.06.2021 | Friday | 5:00 pm

Find Your Voice & Platform

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When Shikha wanted her work in the field to go online she
chose Knorish

The Right Platform to create, launch and market her impactful online courses

Trusted by over 21,000+ thriving digital coaching businesses

When the cause is to be taken to the next level of reachability and scale, Knorish steps in with its cutting-edge technology & commitment to deliver great learning experiences. 

In this event, you would learn about the key elements for building robust digital coaching sessions that would effectively deliver on its promise and how Knorish empowers the course creators to focus on 10X their business growth to the next level.

Features, Funnels & Functionality

From equipping Right Side Story with high-end marketing integrations and automated sales funnels to enabling unlimited live sessions, webinars, digital courses Knorish is chipping in as a service provider host. 

Child safety and security are some of the biggest challenges of our times. From sexual abuse to physical violence and cyberbullying, crimes against children are on the rise worldwide. 

Creating Online Awareness Is A Must what the Right Side Story and legacy literacy campaigns are doing non-stop efficiently.  

What would YOU learn by attending this event?

Experts, Coaches, Professionals, Digital Marketers {And All} Should Attend

Shall highlight the need for Automation & Sales Funnels to grow and increase audience reach
Demonstrate the plan of action  for taking your organization or the ambitious projects online
Explain the need for building a long-term strategic online business outlook 
Help you create a long-term valuation for your digital business.
Learnings in maximizing results from your time and effort

It’s a Free! Webinar for successful and ambitious Digital Coaches & Organisations looking to grow and scale-up

25.06.2021 | Friday | 5:00 pm

Find Your Voice & Platform

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Glimpses of Q&A Session

Q. Why should I provide a ‘book a live demo’ pop-up on my landing?

A. It is an ideal Customer Support Practice plus lead magnet. 

Q. How do I compare the knowledge platforms?

A. Define your deliverables.

Q. How to benchmark the learner’s delight for my online courses?

A. Keep up with the tech & trends.

Q. What integration features should I look out for in my platform?

A. All but in one place. 

Q. Which format of the content should I use for my digital course?

A. Live Sessions & Webinars, Video Content.

Q. How do I BD & Promote my digital course?

A. Be the voice of the cause on various channels.

And many more upvoted questions from the audience will be answered. 

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25.06.2021 | Friday | 5:00 pm

Find Your Voice & Platform

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