On-Demand Webinar

How to sell online courses 24X7
with automated landing pages?

(+ How to create one for your courses)

Relevance, Leads & Sales - Depend On Landing Page Experience

Seasoned marketers never direct their ad traffic to home pages. They use 3 mantras of successful marketing - a great headline, attractive offer plus a relevant call to action button all placed strategically on the landing page. In this session, we’ll share what other secrets are involved.

Our experts will help you learn

  • Meaning of landing page and its importance for your online course business
  • Methods to master persuasion and manipulation
  • Access to instant tools  to create highly compelling landing pages
  • Core elements to be included
  • Building landing pages from scratch
  • What mistakes to avoid while you create your own landing page?
  • A/B Testing & using analytics to boost your lead conversion rate
  • Building a sales funnel on the landing page
  • Outlines of drafting a targeted message for your audience
  • And more

Learn with our experts to quickly create your landing page without having to write any single line of coding. And most importantly, you'll learn how to build a very well-optimized landing page that converts well.

Meet The Speakers

Kinner N. Sacchdev

Co-Founder and CEO @Knorish
Business World Young Entrepreneur 2020 (35 under 35)

A digital business creation expert having led product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, Kinner has helped set up education brands from Europe, UK, the US and the Middle East through scientity.com. He is also the Co-founder & CEO at Knorish, an online platform that now enables more than 21,000 creators to build courses and scale their business all from one platform.

Rohit A. George

Content Operations at Knorish

Rohit is a seasoned content & knowledge professional with over 15 years of experience in content management, brand communication, knowledge sharing, copywriting, and business content creation. In his diverse career, he has built significant expertise in content marketing while working with a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, SMBs to Startups enabling their growth proposition based on specific high-value content strategies. 

Who this webinar is for?

  • This webinar is structured to fit everyone!
  • Every individual or business owner
  • Most importantly as it shows how to drive high-quality traffic - this session is highly recommended for people with online business interests.

Glimpses of the session

Automate 24X7 Sales

While landing pages are a great way to build hype for your online course, generate new leads. Automation steps in to help you run the traffic through different stages of the sales funnel.

With all the new leads coming in, it is important to learn other ways you can use automation to manage your new leads and turn them into customers.

Landing Pages, Home-Site, and Sales Funnels (Oh My!): What’s the Major Difference?

  • The landing page is a single page on the same domain as the course’s website, but what makes it unique is that… 
  • There is no top menu navigation.
  • It is built for a single purpose — to sell one product or to convert a certain kind of buyer.
  • Whereas a website is a sort of haywire digital brochure that has no set direction. No wonder the buyer can get lost in its folds. The landing page seamlessly guides prospects from clicking on an ad to entering their contact information and/or making a purchase without any distractions.
  • And for the most part, it works.
  • No wonder conversion rates will increase, sales skyrocket, and reasons for course creators to celebrate if they master this amazing lead capturing funnel. This well-kept secret has done great for our 10X course creators, finally, it is now your chance to learn and master this amazing hack.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Growth Growth Hacking your Online Course Sales, Creating & Setting up High Converting Landing Pages, Sales Funnel building for Beginners
  • 50:50 Instructional Learning + QA Session with the Speaker
  • The recording will be available at academy.knorish.com later
  • As long as you want to excel in learning sales & marketing hacks, this webinar is open to all.
  • It’s a free learning initiative by Knorish
  • The most upvoted and selected few questions posted in the Q & A Box will be taken up by our Speakers during the Live QA Session.