How to build a profitable online course business in your niche?

India’s premier online corporate law training academy shares their insights on how they earned 12 lakhs in just a few months by sharing their knowledge and expertise with online courses

Learn how to replicate their success for your online course business

Webinar with Team SkillxPro

New technologies, ever-changing skill-set requirements ask for job-ready skills. So, how are you ensuring that learning is happening and the people are aligned to successful careers? 

The future looks bright for the online economy fueled by the need to share knowledge. Our course creator, SkillxPro is a live example of how niche-specific online courses are emerging powerful tools of learning. They help interested professionals upscale and advance their expertise so that they are more employable than their peers in the industry. 

Learn how SkillxPro promotes their online courses in their niche and made over 12 lakhs in just a few months in this live webinar with Team SkillxPro.

This webinar is for you if you want to discover the winning formula of creating an online course in your niche and how to grow and sell it in 2021.


Choose your niche while creating your online course business in 2021?

Check if your chosen niche is profitable or not?

Promote your online courses and sell?

Create content that learners love to learn from

Strategize and implement the most effective marketing strategies to sell a niche course? 

Scale your online course business fast and get thousands of paying customers in a small amount of time

As you embark on your 2021 journey with high hopes of adapting fully to the new normal. Upskilling and online learning are at their all-time high. And calling for you! This live webinar tells you how the top-of-the-list industry demand for an effective and smooth digital shift in 2021 sees the rise of niche online content creators. 

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Team SkillxPro

SkillxPro is a Mumbai based online earning company that serves as a bridge between their learner’s education and profession. They upskill and reskill the candidates online so that they become far more employable than their peers and have a massive edge over their competition. In addition, they also help the candidates land an internship or a job in their domain. Their present set of modules and the upcoming ones are developed by industry experts themselves. They draw on a lot of real-world practices and experiences to help candidates in upgrading their skills necessary to succeed in their career through online courses. Their specialties include education, skill development, law, e-learning, up-skilling, re-skilling, knowledge, employability, recruitment, and placement.

They’ll help you see how niche online courses could be great revenue generators in 2021. Which marketing strategies would work best for promoting your online course business?

In Conversation With

Team SkillxPro

Rohit A George
Content Expert@Knorish

What will be discussed in this live webinar?

  • How to discover your niche and create content to build an online course business?
  • Which strategies work best for selling digital products and services in the knowledge sharing domain
  • How Knorish endorses strengthening & enhancing online course businesses?
  • What are the benefits of creating niche-specific online courses?
  • How are digital products sold on social media platforms and which ones work best?
  • How to identify which online platform is best suited for promoting your products?
  • How to identify the ideal buyer persona of your products?
  • How to enable amazing customer service and automations available?
  • How to use knorish to enable a great online academy in your domain and niche

In the changing economy, see where you stand and how you can up your game in the online business industry. Learn to LEAD by sharing and monetizing your knowledge with others in 2021.

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