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Drive 10x return on your Marketing Dollars, Scale Brand Awareness and Delight Customers

No matter what you do, where your business is, & whichever niche you focus on,
You can 5X, 10X, & even 20X your ROI on your marketing dollars (besides adding an additional revenue stream)
With your branded online academy that offers courses, content and more

Discover how with Kinner N Sacchdev,
Co-founder & CEO - Knorish

Hubspot, Salesforce, IBM, Hootsuite, Instamojo, TiE Delhi NCR

Enable a brand new strategy that can help you exponentially grow your business in the new digital age. The possibilities are truly unlimited.
  • Customer Education at Scale
  • Low Cost Customer Acquisition
  • Employees, Partners, and Vendor Training
  • Brand Awareness and Thought Leadership
  • New Revenue Stream

Content marketing is the new driving force for all businesses

Scaling a business through performance marketing is only going to become more expensive as more companies and competition enter the platform and compete for the same audience. Plus. overtime, as your business and teams grow, the cost of acquiring a customer and retaining one is only going to increase. 

Businesses don't survive with customer acquisition!
Education, Experience and Retention are key for growth!

You can keep burning insane amounts of money to get new customers but very soon this model will become unsustainable if you keep ignoring your current customers. Most businesses keep acquiring new customers with ZERO focus on retaining the current ones. 

… you will never be able to move past a certain growth stage & will be constantly stuck at a plateau, shifting from one ad to another, burning money, spending more and more to increase your existing ROI

In fact, studies show that the cost of acquiring a new customer can be 5 - 25 times more than the cost of retaining one.
What you need is a robust model that drives customer acquisition at very low costs, helps educate customers, train your staff and extended teams, and even empower your customers to best use your products and services.

Break away from the plateau and get on to the growth highway You need to get to the root of the problem first & understand the new approach to Growth…

BUY NOW, GET NOW, PURCHASE NOW, SIGN UP NOW - Direct Conversion ads are working lesser than ever. 
Your audience on social media gets bombarded with ads each day. And every company is busy targeting the same audience to grab that 3 seconds of their attention span to get them to purchase. 
However, people do appreciate being helped with, and gaining new learning and knowledge, especially when it addresses their problems with a solution. So when a business automates that entire process, it is deemed to get exponential growth. And that’s the true power of high-value content marketing.

The High Value Content Marketing Formula - The Forever Golden Blue Ocean Strategy!

With a properly executed content marketing strategy, your business is bound to see excellent ROI & turn the once one-time customers into life-time loyal brand followers.

First - Build Brand Awareness

Led by high-value content such as courses, webinars and online sessions, discover how your brand can use high value content to build brand awareness and acquire leads at far lower costs than traditional digital marketing investments on selling products.

Second - Create a NICHE in the blue ocean

Struggling to find a niche for your business? Automate customers, partners, vendors, and employee education at scale. Your very own blue ocean strategy that opens up new market spaces and creates new demand for your business!

Third - From Powerful Intent To Purchase

Stop spending insane amount of money on direct selling ads. Discover how offering high value content to your audience is driving purchases at significantly lower costs with online courses, webinars and sessions that can be your brand’s forever digital products and IP.

Fourth - Product Adoption and Appreciation

Discover how you can automate customer support, and educate your customers to truly appreciate the extent of the possibilities with your product or service. Help them learn about your product in depth and become product champions themselves with an automated online academy setup!

16,000+ academies including MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor & other industry leaders are using Knorish to build an online academy & scale their online business into a global brand

“Knorish is a great new-age business that is disrupting the online training and education market. Its platform is empowering organizations, educational institutes and trainers during the toughest phase of their businesses,”

Uday Sodhi, Ex-Business Head - SonyLIV

“Knorish provides an easy way to create training content for your organization, have it on your own website with your brand and domain name, and full control of everything..” 

Ninad Karpe, Partner - 100x.VC

Achieve the milestones your business deserves

  • Grow from zero to thousands of paying customers effortlessly
  • Enable an amazing customer onboarding and education experience
  • Improve brand awareness and customer retention through automated learning journeys
  • Setup a new revenue stream with a forever digital product
  • Enable extensive Knowledge Base for your customers & internal stakeholders
  • Onboard & train employees remotely
  • Power your digital marketing campaigns and improve conversions & for tracking ROIs

Learn how to achieve all this and more.

Discover how with Kinner N Sacchdev