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Ms.Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta
Founder CEO - SBY Academy, Leadership & Etiquette Coach, TEDx and Keynote Speaker

Shares her Secrets to Grow your Online Course Business

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Online Courses empower leaders to live to inform, inspire and improve people. In modern times - they educate, enable and enrich the value of their followers and make an impact.

Who would be a better person to tell you this but our Speaker, Ms.Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta, Founder & CEO -

Recently, SBY Academy made news in Fortune India - when her fascinating Masterclass in Leadership got featured as a must course for every leader out there aspiring to succeed.

We have seen her Academy going from 0 to 24 lakhs in 7 months.

Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited) and Former Gladrags Mrs. India (Runner up), her Academy SBY- Silhouette by Yukti was one of the early clients on the Knorish platform last year. Multi-talented & a fine professional, she is a fine example of diligent & consistent steps while growing your online course business.

In this live webinar, she shares her success secrets and business growth strategies to help you elevate your business performance levels and be your best. No matter what topic or subject matter you have to teach, at what stage of your online business journey you’re in, this webinar shall help you understand exactly what the successful online businesses are doing to super succeed in their domains.

You too can replicate their success.

So, join in and benefit from the insight & tips Ms. Yukti offers to grow your online course business.

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Pursue your Passion & Profits!


  • This live webinar is for you if you have always wanted to be one of the top-selling online course businesses. And you aspire to be a trainer & coach in your domain to impact the lives of thousands of people across the globe. 
  • This live webinar is for you if you are filled with ambition and are willing to do what it takes to achieve your business goals 
  • This live webinar is for you if you have always wanted to take your business from offline to online but don’t know how to do so 
  • This live webinar will answer all your questions and doubts about how to make your online course business a success and will help you with the exact path in front of you 
  • Whether you are already an existing online course creator or thinking of starting one, this webinar is going to give you a bird’s eye-view by our experts to help you turn your business idea into a successful business with ease.

In addition, you’re set to gain insights into tips to exponentially grow your online course business, learn hacks to validate your course idea, promoting and marketing tips. So, ultimately you’re in for a really great learning experience.

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Pursue your Passion & Profits!

Meet our Speaker
Ms.Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

Founder CEO - SBY Academy, Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited), Leadership & Etiquette Coach, TEDx and Keynote Speaker

Ms. Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta, an Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited) and Former Gladrags Mrs. India (Runner up) offers Leadership & Etiquette coaching (personal) to individuals, experiential training to Corporates and Entrepreneurs, and Finishing courses to academic Institutions. She created Silhouette by Yukti- SBY to help people elevate their performance levels and be their best.

Having worked with MNCs like Citi and Barclays at a leadership position for over a decade gives Yukti an overall perspective of the undebatable power of practiced people-skills, leading to improved performance levels.

She has been awarded the National Woman Excellence Award 2018 extended by Indo European Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises. She is a mentor for many incubators supported by IIM Lucknow, BITS Mesra, IIIT Allahabad, etc. She is also an advisor and honorary member of the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt of India that works towards the social development of youth.

Inspired by Yukti’s life, Rinku Paul and Puja Singhal, have included her life journey (so far) in their authored book called Dare To Be, that features 14 fearless women entrepreneurs of India.

Yukti’s other ventures include Concept Exhibitions. As a Reiki Master and a strong believer in karma, her spiritual bent urges her to bring out the same in her clients. Besides a few prominent child care organizations, she actively engages with Angel Xpress Foundation, an NGO working for the education of lesser-privileged children.

Having upped the professional lives of many corporate executives, managers, women returning to work and people from different walks of life, she is the invited Speaker to spin the best version of you as a fellow course creator.

Join in & gain from her business wisdom!

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What will be discussed in this live webinar?

  1. How online course business has become even more relevant post COVID? 
  2. What are the pillars to launch a profitable online course? 
  3. What is the success formula/best practices to go from 0 to 24 lakhs in a short span of time? 
  4. How that success formula can be replicated by fellow course creators? 
  5. How to create the course content framework? 
  6. How to generate organic & paid traffic for your site? 
  7. What are the ideal formats for an online course? 
  8. Whether to hire an outer agency or get the content done in-house?
  9. How to price the niche online course? How to discover paying customers for your niche?
  10. What is the ideal time duration for the various sets of online courses?
  11. Is there any guarantee that the online course you create would be a breakthrough success? How to validate the choice? 
  12. What is the yardstick for checking on the health of your online course doing well or if further improvements needed? 
  13. How to meet the learning needs of your audience? 
  14. What are effective marketing tips to sell your online course?
  15. How much to set a marketing budget to begin with?
  16. What are the ideal possible long term goals for any online academy?
  17. Whether to use LinkedIn, Facebook or Webinars to promote your online course business?

In Conversation With

Ms.Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta
Founder CEO - SBY Academy, Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited), Leadership & Etiquette Coach, TEDx and Keynote Speaker 

Kinner N Sacchdev
Co-Founder and CEO, Knorish
Kinner is a technophile and an avid learner. 

Join us at the webinar and check out what to expect from the journey of creating and launching an online course. Online courses give you the kind of freedom you aspire to explore your own space without too much confinement. Multi-talented ones like Ms.Yukti endorse it.

More Power to You too while you pursue your purpose, passion & profit!

Thursday | February 11, 2021 | 5:00 PM

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Pursue your Passion & Profits!