Using Google Ads to sell 
Online Courses faster

Live Webinar: with Adarsh Chaturvedi CEO, Founder-
Digital Adarsh  
(Renowned Blogger, YouTuber, Influencer)

Get  More Conversions Done!

Do you want to run high conversion Google Ad campaigns for your online courses? Then improve the Strategy. 

Getting maximum leads from Google Ads is important to grow your sales funnel. Cultivating effective Google ad campaigns requires research, optimisation, and a lot of patience. But if you jump through all the hoops, you’ll eventually connect your business with scores of potential customers.

This live webinar is meant for you if you’re just getting started with Google Ads for marketing your Online Course or if you’re already advertising but you want to further improve your campaign results. 


The science behind Identifying the best keywords

Expert Advice to increase traffic on your course web-sites

Essentials of a great Google Ads copy

Understanding In-market & Affinity Audience

Strategies for setting up  Key Google Ad Campaigns

Methods to Track Google Ads results

Evaluation & Improvisation of Google Ads

Tips for Remarketing using Google Ads and, more

Google Ads target users with high buying intent. Knowing the type of campaign that’ll work for your business, optimal targeting, relevant offers that resonate at each stage of your sales funnel plus mastering the bidding strategies shall make you an expert at it.

Learn in this live webinar as to how and where to reach your students using Google Ads to capture their interest and to turn them into your paying customers at some point

Adarsh Chaturvedi

CEO, Founder- Digital Adarsh
(Renowned Blogger, YouTuber, Influencer)

Adarsh is an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Youtuber, Tiktoker, and also dons multiple other hats. In a short period, Adarsh has been able to build multiple blogs with millions of page views, a Youtube channel with 100k+ subscribers, Likee account with 3.54 million+ followers, a TikTok channel with 876k+ followers, and an Instagram account with 32k+ followers. One of his popular posts on TikTok had over 35 Million views. His startup Digital Adarsh works with over 350 clients providing them best in class digital marketing services. He is a strong believer that every individual should have a Digital income.

What will be discussed in this webinar

  • Why is Google Adwords important for Online business growth?
  • How does Google Adwords drive sales for an online course? 
  • How better quality ads deliver successful campaigns? 
  • What can increase conversion rates using Google Adwords?
  • What are the hacks to get a good ad positioning for your online academies?
  • What should course creators keep in mind while searching keywords for GoogleAds? 
  • How often a Google Adwords Campaign performance should be evaluated?
  • Audience Targeting or Content Targeting - which is best for online academies?
  • How can the course creators improve their landing page before running Google Ads?
  • How does improving CTA help Google Adword campaigns?
  • What are the strategies to measure Google AdWords campaign success?
  • How to fix a Google Adwords campaign that is not performing?
  • Are there any flaws to use only Google Ads to drive traffic to business? 
  • How to run Google Ads on budget and still do better than your competitors?
  • What are the recommended extensions for using Google Ads?

In Conversation With

Adarsh Chaturvedi
CEO, Founder Digital Adarsh

Blogger, YouTuber, Influencer 

Kinner N Sacchdev
Co-Founder, CEO Knorish.

A technophile and an avid learner.

Learn how to capture quality leads to convert them into your paying customers. Develop the right skills to find growth, business, and success for your online courses by using Google Ads to drive more traffic to your course websites. 

Join the live webinar & learn “How to Create Google Ads that Sell Your Online Courses Faster”

Get more Conversions Done!