5 Expensive Mistakes You Must Avoid Before Conducting Your Next Webinar

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Kinner N Sacchdev
Co-founder and CEO, Knorish

Creating an Online Course Is Easy. Selling Them Is A Lot More Challenging

There are thousands of course creators if not millions. But only a few become successful in making money by PROFITABLY selling their online courses.

So if you’re struggling to get your courses sold, what you need is a time tested selling system that lets you get as many sales as your digital coaching business can possibly handle…

... Because to go from a few to thousands to millions in sales, you will need an automated selling system - a sales funnel - a step-by-step process that enables exponential customer acquisitions.

One that keeps getting you sales with every waking hour.

You see the most successful digital coaching businesses have used the same selling system and scaled their business 5X, 10X, even 50X within a short period of time. Some take as less as 90 days to reach these milestones.

And that’s why Kinner N Sacchdev, Co-founder and CEO, Knorish will share his insights on how this one simple automated selling system has helped digital entrepreneurs sell their courses to thousands of learners across the world making tens of thousands of dollars.

But Why Should I Watch This Free Masterclass?

If you’re a course creator, you need this masterclass if:

Ads bring traffic to your course site but people don’t buy anything or not enough sales are happening

Your digital marketing efforts are not getting any results.

Your business is not going anywhere and you need a new strategy


Spending money on Ads ≠ More Sales. Buying Traffic = More Eyeballs

So stop dumping money into different advertising platforms that make no profits. Discover how to build an awesome Webinar sales funnel instead that help you scale 10 times faster

What is a Webinar Sales Funnel? And Why Should I Learn About It?

Every digital marketeer across categories is running the same kind of ads that talk about ‘buy now’, or ‘enroll now’ in my products or courses. And frankly speaking, people are getting tired of being sold to continuously. That is why direct ads are super expensive, get very less returns and overtime only become more expensive.


What if you could set up an automated system that allowed you to get these very same leads at the lowest costs and get maximum results. 


Webinar Sales Funnels

In This Masterclass

Learn how Webinar Funnels are driving traffic at super low costs for coaches and trainers across the world.

Discover how using the same Webinar Sales Funnel, famous coaches such as Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins, Mindvalley and so many others are making millions selling their online courses profitably each year.

The right approach to building a customized webinar sales funnel for your online course business

Learn how you can replicate the webinar sales funnel for your online coaching business and sell online courses 10 times faster

Understand why paid ads are not the ultimate sellers and how to create landing pages that help you close the sales automatically.

+++++ Q&A
Get your questions and doubts answered live in the session by Kinner N Sacchdev, co-founder and CEO of Knorish. A platform that has helped thousands of coaches, experts, and trainers make lakhs each month by selling their courses from their academy. 

Join Us to Witness a Radical New Sales Strategy Unfolding

Meet The Speaker
Rohit A George

Content Operations @ Knorish

In just a few months, the team at Knorish and Rohit have helped tens of thousands of academies go live and scale their business sell courses. Using that experience of helping thousands of first-time course creators, we have boiled down the key strategies that have helped creators succeed and sell their online courses.

Rohit is a seasoned content & knowledge professional with over 15 years of experience in content management, brand communication, knowledge sharing, copywriting, and business content creation.

In this live Masterclass, Rohit will share and explain the fundamentals of building a super-effective automated webinar sales funnel strategy to scale up your online course business.

In Conversation With

Rohit A George

Content Operations @ Knorish

Enabling the next million ‘millionaire’ digital coaches

Kinner N Sacchdev

Co-Founder, CEO Knorish.

A technophile and an avid learner.

Who Is This Masterclass For

This masterclass is for you if you

Are a digital coach, expert, tutor or teacher looking for a new strategy to energize your online coaching business

Are looking to learn how to package your expertise into an online course but more importantly want to learn how to sell these courses

Are losing money in digital marketing ads and need help urgently

Are willing to do what is right instead of what you THINK is right

Are looking for help in understanding how to create an automated sales system that helps you get sales even in your sleep!

If you are one of the above and are ready to Level up your digital marketing, this is the webinar designed to help you with that.

Join the masterclass & discover the ultimate strategy that will radically transform your online coaching business and scale it to greater heights.